10th Wearing of the Year

I recently broke my streak of wearing spandex disco jeans eight Thursdays in a row. Not because anything happened though. It’s just that my favorite thrift store stopped having their early bird sales on Thursday and I had other errands on that day. I may stop going there altogether on Thursdays and go instead on Fridays which is what I did today. And of course, I wore disco pants. Specifically my midnight Le Gambi which I paired with a dark grey AA long sleeve tee, black puffer jacket and white Converse high tops.

I went there and afterwards to a Sam’s Club store. Oh, and today was a very sunny day and the temperature was pretty ideal for wearing disco pants.

Today’s wearing marks the 10th time I wore disco pants this year and it ties the year 2014 for second most wearings. Which means that just one more wearing this year and I will have my second best year. It’s still a long ways off from the 29 wearings I had in 2012, my first year wearing disco pants. As far as whether or not I will tie that amount or even exceed it this year I am not certain. I was going to say “Absolutely!” but I almost forgot that we are already in May and once things start heating up here weather-wise it will be here to stay. At that point the disco pants will probably not be seen again until cooler weather arrives. So there may be a huge gap between my disco pant wearings from May to perhaps September or October.

As the weather has been changing in the last years I’ve noticed that June can tend to still be cool and September can be extremely warm. If that should happen this year then I should get some more wearings come June. Whatever the case I just hope it doesn’t get too warm all of a sudden anytime soon. I want to keep wearing my disco pants because frankly, I am loving this. But I need the ‘jacket weather’ to keep on for as long as possible.

I’m just amazed at my whole mentality of wearing disco pants. The progress I have attained is massive and I am probably at my most relaxed since I have started wearing these pants five years ago. I’m walking around, going about my business, without much of a concern of who I pass by or who may be around. Yeah, I know people are looking. Some might even stare but it just doesn’t matter. I’m relaxed because I look at it as I’m just wearing a pair of pants, as everyone else is. Except that my pants are a million times cooler. It actually sucks when I do get home because I have to take them off!

I used to think, “I’d never wear disco pants to that place.” Or “I’d never wear disco pants for that occasion.” Now I’m thinking, “Why wouldn’t I wear disco pants to that place or for that occasion? Of course I would!” It’s very similar to the progression I experienced when I started wearing skinny jeans. Although with skinny jeans, it took me 9 years before I started wearing the skinniest and tightest ones I have on a regular basis. With disco pants it took 5 years, including some tremendous progress just in the last few months.

Does this mean I’m ready to wear disco pants everyday and start wearing those other colors? Well, even though I would love to live in them, I still maintain I would not put them on just to go grocery shopping, gas up the car or make a deposit at the bank. I have to have a cool place or occasion to wear them. This includes thrift store shopping, department store shopping, a concert, church, bowling or meeting up for lunch with someone. As far as wearing the other colors go, no, I am not ready to start wearing those as I have been the black & midnight. But I would wear those other colors for some special occasions.

In the meantime I will enjoy the heck out of wearing the disco pants that I have been and perhaps even wear some black ones tomorrow. I know tomorrow is Saturday and there will be more people out and about but I have to get used to being around them. And they have to get used to seeing a guy in disco pants!


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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