2017: 2nd Best Disco Pants Year

Today was the 11th time this year I wore disco pants. Which means it is now my second best year in terms of wearing that article of clothing. And it was also the second time this year that I’ve worn them on back-to-back days. I had been feeling it since yesterday and so today I just put on my black Le Gambi pair and went to the dollar store, Walgreens and finally Cermak grocery store.

This is only the third time I’ve worn spandex disco jeans on a Saturday. The other two times was when I was at a campgrounds and a wedding. I knew there would be a lot more people at all those stores today but I  wanted to wear them regardless. I’m just surprised no one at all was wearing them, too!

The sun was shining brilliantly today so the pants were hard not to notice. The dollar store was pretty packed and the checkout lines–a mere 2 of them–were extended into the aisles. I caught one person or two looking at the pants. At Walgreens I parked next to a car that was illegally parked on the painted lines usually found next to a handicap spot. The car had two younger dudes inside and I wasn’t exactly thrilled about having to walk right next to and in front of their car. That’s probably the only time I really felt self-conscious and uncomfortable, but it quickly passed and I got back in ‘the zone’. At the check out line there, I could see that the woman was staring at whatever amount of my disco pants could be seen to her. Since she stands behind a counter she doesn’t get to see the whole length of my pant legs. So she probably thought I was wearing tights or leggings. I thought she was going to say something because she is pretty outgoing and out spoken and she knows us as regular customers. But she didn’t.

Then it was off to Cermak. Same thing happened there that happens pretty much everywhere else. You can tell when someone looks at you even if you are not looking directly at them. There’s that little thing called ‘peripheral vision.’ You know how it is. You look over at something. A quick glance. Something didn’t quite look right or normal so you take another look. So you look again. That’s what I see a lot of. The classic ‘double take’. It can be quite amusing actually. But it doesn’t bother me. It’s to be expected. I actually thought things would be a lot worse when I started going around in disco pants. This has been mild at worst. And it further continues to serve as evidence to me that there are probably very few places or events around here that I could NOT wear disco pants to.

For the record I should state my complete outfit:
-Le Gambi black disco pants size 4 new
-Heather gray AA long sleeve t-shirt
-Red/black puffer jacket
-White Converse high tops

Yes, I do have a new puffer jacket! Several actually. I added a few more colors to my wardrobe, including this one that is red & black and from far away looks like a plaid flannel shirt but is shiny nylon.

hawke buffalo plaid red-001

I also added navy, grey and a few more pairs in black by different brands.

So it felt great wearing disco pants again today. And the fact that I wore disco pants two days in a row and in the same week. It does make me want to wear them at least twice every week and then maybe even three or four times later on. Have to make up for the winter and summer months when surely the weather will not be conducive to wearing skintight nylon & spandex pants.

Based on the local forecast it is looking like this entire coming week will remain cool in the 50’s. This means that I am looking at another two or even three wearings. Either I will keep only the black and midnight in rotation or I will introduce a third color. At this point a third color possibility would be either the navy Bojeangles or the hunter green Le Gambi. Maybe even the purple Le Gambi? Truth be told, I was ready to wear the green one this past Thursday or even yesterday but when I went to try it on earlier in the week the button popped off! So I will take it to the cleaners along with a burgundy AA-style pair I have that is missing its button. They can fix both on the spot so I can wear the green one as early as the next day.The burgundy pair I found at my favorite thrift store several months back. I think it would be fun to take two pairs of disco pants for repairs to the cleaners while wearing a pair of disco pants. In fact, I think that’s what I will do! As a regular patron of this business they have probably wondered why I have so many spandex disco jeans. When they see me walk in wearing a pair they will surely know why! I thought about going there wearing my green ones but obviously I can’t wear them until I get them repaired.

It’s possible that as early as Monday I’ll be wearing disco pants again. That’s probably the day I will go to the cleaners to drop off those two pants. And–I had almost forgotten–my disco pants shorts project that I’ve been talking about for a couple years now. I will try to locate the pair I cut and use that one or I will just have them cut a new pair and replace the zipper and install belt loops. Also, if I actually do wear disco pants on Monday, it will be the first time ever I do so on a Monday. The only other day of the week I have yet to don them is Tuesday.

With growing season upon us I know we’ll be making some trips to our local Lowe’s & perhaps Menards stores. Those are stores I would definitely wear disco pants to. I’m sure the coming week will be interesting! Stay tuned for further adventures.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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2 Responses to 2017: 2nd Best Disco Pants Year

  1. Carl says:

    I did something I never did before, I wore my navy disco pants (AA brand) to a job interview this past Friday and they must have brought me luck because I got the job!

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