If it Makes You Feel Good, Wear it!

I found a great quote by Mel Lashbrook from an article she wrote on http://www.bolde.com titled, “No One Cares About You & That’s the Most Liberating Thing There Is.” Before you get too philosophical on the title let’s get straight to the comment I found there:

If you want to wear something because it makes you feel good, wear it! You may even start setting trends rather than following them.

I see so many girls on twitter lamenting that disco pants are no longer ‘in fashion’ and how they wish the pants were. This quote applies profulsely to them, but it also applies to me and the rest of us who may be holding back on wearing disco pants. The rainy day is now. It’s time to put them on and go out and about.

I found that article while spending time yesterday reading about whether people really care about what you’re wearing. Everything I came across unanimously came to the same determination: NO THEY DON’T! It’s also what I’ve been discovering firsthand. OK, so perhaps when I walked out of that doctor’s office into that overflowing waiting room the folks sitting down surely noticed I was wearing some kind of skintight shiny spandex pants. Maybe some of them smiled and said stuff to each other after I was gone. If that’s the extent of what I will have to deal with while wearing disco pants, I can live with that.

“If you want to wear something because it makes you feel good, wear it!”
I can’t think of anything that makes me feel better than wearing disco pants. And while I may not be in peak condition to wear them I’m also not at a point where I am embarrassed to be seen in them. Not at all. Let’s just keep the cooler weather ’round a little longer, ok?

“You may even start setting trends rather than following them.”
When I hear girls say, “When are disco pants coming back?” I ask them, “Why don’t you bring them back?” Seriously. Maybe if enough people see you wearing them you will inspire them to don them as well. It’s not like disco pants are extinct. You can still even get new, unworn pairs. But used ones are perfectly fine as long as the seller is honest and very detailed. I don’t understand the mentality of something needing to be in fashion in order for it to be worn. Are these people that insecure? I can understand this coming from teen girls because they won’t be caught dead wearing anything they wore the previous year. But twenty-somethings? You’re supposed to carve your own niche. You found something you really like and want to wear but you won’t do it because Demi Lovato and Zoella no longer wear it. That’s sad! We have to quit this ‘follower’ way of living and not allow these distant figures who are not par of our lives to dictate what we do. Imagine if I sat around waiting for disco pants to become popular for guys. I’d probably die before wearing them. I already wasted enough time. I should have been regularly wearing spandex disco jeans for a solid 5 years now.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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