60th Wearing Overall & Another For ’17

Today I wore spandex disco pants to four new places. I wore the midnight Le Gambi paired with a navy blue puffer jacket and a black long-sleeve v-neck shirt. And white Converse. I went to a local K-Mart, the dry cleaners I usually go to, Lowe’s and finally KFC. And it is still true that many people don’t notice but of the ones who do, they look but don’t say anything. What’s there to say? The only thing I expect to hear anyone say is, “Hey, those are nice pants? Where can I get a pair?”

I have to get the wearings in because from what I have seen this may be the last week of what I call ‘jacket weather.’ And once jacket weather is gone I will stop wearing disco pants. For one thing, the jacket helps hide my upper body weight. That is the main thing actually. But also, wearing a jacket gives me a place to put my phone, keys, etc. If I don’t wear a jacket I have to carry a messenger bag or look into getting a men’s bag (murse). Nothing big. In fact, the black messenger bag I currently have is the perfect size and gives me plenty of room to put said items in and much more.

Anyway, nothing particularly interesting happened at K-Mart. Walked around there for a bit till I found what I needed. At the checkout line there was a group of three younger and sort of loud guys/girl who probably noticed my pants. Then I went to the cleaners with two pairs of disco pants for repair. As I wrote before, my green Le Gambi popped it’s button when I was trying it on the other day. So I had to get it back on if I’m going to wear it this week. I also took a burgundy AA-style pair I found in a thrift store because it was completely missing it’s button and there were some broken stitches here and there. I asked if she could sew the button back on the green pair right there and then and she did so. They have a full length mirror on one side so while she sewed the button I took the liberty of checking out my midnight Le Gambi as I stood there. Looked great!

She said the other pants would be ready Friday which happens to be the day I might be wearing the green pair. I went there today in my midnight pair and may return Friday in my green pair. I thought she was going to say something about the fact that I brought in two disco pants and was wearing a third but she said nothing. Must not be her thing. Before I left there someone else came in. Regardless, Friday is forecast to be 58° and mostly sunny so it’s definitely a perfect disco pants day.

After there I went to Lowe’s to see their selection of fruit, vegetables and flowers for planting.  Nothing much happened there either. Noticed some of the people behind me in the checkout line were looking at my pants.

Finally, went to KFC. That place was empty except for another customer who had just pulled into the lot in front of me. There were two girls working there. Pretty dead.

There were times I forgot I was wearing disco pants today. That’s really how it should be. I cannot help but look at the boring jeans most other people wear and be grateful that I have some really cool pants.

Another cool thing is that I have worn disco pants 3 of the last 5 days. And to 9 different places. Most likely I will not wear any on Wednesday. Thursday is a possibility but not sure. Friday is a certainty. Then we get into a patter of low to mid 60’s or higher which means too warm for puffer jacket and I’ll have to rely on the AA jackets. My chance to wear that AA nylon jacket is coming up very soon and I’ll have to decide if I am ready to wear a very shiny jacket along with the shiny disco pants. That is still a hurdle I’ll be looking to overcome.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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