Busted Out the Green!

I have never had a streak such as 4 out of the last 6 days in terms of wearing disco pants. But now I do. Today I went to the mall and decided to wear the dark green Le Gambi disco pants. I didn’t exactly walk around the confines of the mall but went specifically to the Kohl’s store there. If the plan had been to walk around the entire mall I probably would not have chosen green quite yet. And today was a warmer day than yesterday so I went with a thinner jacket, specifically the black American Apparel nylon/spandex jacket I wore a few weeks ago. Also wore a long sleeve navy & white tee shirt and white Chucks.

While the black and midnight pairs of spandex disco pants may be less noticeable and perhaps even passed off in some situations as resin-coated or waxed denim skinny jeans, these green pants are definitely more out there and attention-grabbing. I know more people saw these today even though it was a quiet Wednesday at the mall. In fact I saw some folks (mostly women) looking directly at them. I figure that they must either be trying to figure out what I’m wearing or they are reminded of their own younger days during the first coming of spandex disco jeans.

I went to the dressing room to try on a few things. Unfortunately I did not take any photos of myself. But I did purchase a red shirt and a pair of Levi’s 511. Even the dressing room were completely void of anyone.

So what’s the next color I’ll wear? That’s actually not the important thing here. The matter of essential importance is that I’m wearing disco pants now on a regular basis. Color is not vital. While it’s great having a dozen or so colors it’s even greater to be wearing the pants even if it’s just the same one or two colors. That being said, the most likely next color I wear will be the navy.

I pulled out my new red ones last night. This one still has the tag attached and has not been worn outdoors. I tried them on with my red/black plaid puffer jacket and it was a nice combination. Whether I ever wore those two together remains to be seen. But I would someday soon love to wear the red pants. Red is even more noticeable than green so they would definitely make a statement. If I ever go to the mall again on another weekday like today, I just may put on the red ones!

The really fascinating thing is that now everyday when I have somewhere to go I just want to grab a pair of disco pants to go out in. Even my skinny jeans have become somewhat passe to me. The great thing is just being in them. This is truly an example of doing something you love.


About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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