Parachute Pants Not Needed After All

Several months back I bought a pair of shiny parachute pants to use as a transition from skinny jeans into disco pants. Little did I know that I would just make the jump directly from the denim jeans to the disco jeans.

Once I tried on the parachute pants the button immediately popped off. In case you don’t know, parachute pants are not forgiving like spandex disco pants are. There is no stretch anywhere. And this pair was not made from the traditional, semi-shiny, heavy & noisy nylon material of the famous 80’s pants. This one was really shiny and the material very thin. Probably more ideal for warmer weather. I suspect that if one wears these too tight they will just tear apart very quickly if not immediately.

At this point I don’t even have an interest in parachute pants. I no longer need them as a transition to disco pants. I have crossed the great divide without the aid of parachute pants and there is no looking back.

Today I did not wear disco pants. I knew I would not. My intent is not to wear them everyday even though my desire may be to do so. I just want to wear them 2, maybe 3 times a week on select outings. Tomorrow I plan to go to the thrift store and I am pretty sure I will wear some black ones. Also I have to pick up the burgundy pair I took in for repairs. So I’ll be going into the shop wearing disco pants to pick up a pair of disco pants. I’m curious to see if the girl will say anything. She didn’t say anything when I dropped them off. Another woman who worked there some prior years ago once said, “These are nice pants!” when I dropped off some disco pants to repair.

Unfortunately, tomorrow may be the last time I wear disco pants for a while. Looks like the warmth will be kicking in this weekend and will be setting up camp here. It will definitely be ‘no jacket’ weather. But it has been an amazing ride for me these last 2 months. And any time it gets cool enough to require a jacket I will wear disco pants.



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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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