Is the Warmth Going to End My Disco Pant Days?

Today turned out to be warmer than the weather forecasters led me to believe. It was already 70° when I left the house. But I wore disco pants anyway. And I almost wore a shiny AA jacket along with them. Almost. Instead I opted for the nylon/spandex AA jacket I wore on another occasion. Either way it was definitely not puffer jacket weather today and will not be for at least the next whole week. So I wore my black Le Gambi, a tight navy blue v-neck short sleeve t-shirt and white high top Converse. It was very sunny so my pants were very shiny.

I went to my usual thrift store first today. There, as I was looking through women’s pants I stumbled upon what I thought was a pair of black disco pants. Saw that typical shine and back pockets, but it turned out to be a nylon blend material sans the spandex. I could’ve sworn they were disco pants but no. They look nice and would probably look very attractive on anyone who could fit into them. Being non-stretch I’m pretty sure I cannot fit into them. But I bought them anyway. Can’t lose for four dollars. They remind me of the nylon jeans I bought online years ago from a retailer in Canada. They had them for men and women but since there was no obvious visual difference between them I ended up buying two of the men’s and 3 of the women’s. For men they only had black, if I remember correctly, and for women they had black, beige & silver. The silver one was the most amazing because, while the other colors were only mildly shiny and only if you were in the right light, it was very shiny regardless of the lighting. Also it was virtually skintight especially when sitting down. Mind you, none of these jeans were stretch. And the only ones I ever wore anywhere were the two black men’s pairs. Those were pretty tight also but they loosened up a lot below the knees. I wore them to one of my jobs a few times and my supervisor on one occasion asked me if I was wearing spandex pants! He actually got up from where he was sitting to come check out the pants after I had passed him by! I guess the pants had picked up some of the lighting and gave them that spandex pants shine. He was a metalhead so he knew about that stuff. When he came by to look at the pants I just told him they were nylon/cotton jeans. I don’t remember if he asked to touch them. On another occasion–could’ve been the same day for all I remember–I was sitting on our secretary’s desk talking with her and she said something like, “You look like you’re really comfortable (in those pants).” I don’t fully remember if she said ‘in those pants’ but I know she was looking at them when she said that. She probably thought they were spandex pants also. But the truth is that I was not all that comfortable in those pants. They were really tight on me and not forgiving at all. I remember them being pretty slippery, too. Whenever I crossed one leg on top of the other it would constantly slip down. Those jeans played a significant part in my passion for disco pants. They were skintight and they were shiny. I still have a pair of the men’s and the black one for women. I cannot fit into either one, and even if I could I wouldn’t dare put anything in the front pockets!

After thrifting I headed to the dry cleaners to pick up the burgundy disco pants. Today both ladies were there, the younger and the older. Once again I thought they were going to say something regarding me and disco pants but nothing was spoken. So either they didn’t notice or just don’t care.

After there I went to Lowe’s again to buy some supplies. As it is Friday and warmer, there was a lot more people today than there was on Tuesday. And a lot more people–women particularly–noticed my disco pants. Especially when I was in the checkout lane. I saw them frequently looking and they were none the wiser that I saw them looking since I was wearing my super dark sunglasses. Some of them smiled at me while others had more of an unhappy look. That’s the best I can describe it. I don’t know if it’s a look of disgust or envy or disbelief. But it’s not a pleasant look. Jealousy is a great possibility. I’m tall and have long legs. One of my younger girl friends once said upon seeing me in disco pants, “You have such long legs. I’m jealous.” So sometimes women are jealous of guys, whether because of their legs or how they look in certain articles of clothing. Let me say this without sounding conceited: I believe I look good in spandex disco pants and I also know that some girls and guys also believe that.

Finally, I went to Pizza Hut. There I ordered and waited inside. It was hot inside the car so I did not want to wait there. While I sat there I took some selfies. It’s very hard trying to get a decent selfie that includes my face and pants. Luckily I did get a nice one. Would’ve been easier with a selfie stick but who goes around carrying that unless you’re at a special place or something?

That was it for today. And perhaps for a while. Or not. But as long as it does not get above 70° by the time I leave the house I can still go out with a jacket and wear disco pants. I’ll just have to keep it to a basic t-shirt underneath and nothing else. I am going to start looking around for a lightweight summer jacket. I love my shiny AA jackets but perhaps shiny pants and a shiny jacket is a bit too much? Whatever the case I need a jacket that only comes as low as the waist. And it has to have an elastic band at the waist. Needs to be very lightweight and I’d prefer not too shiny. I’ll be looking around on Topman, Asos, H&M, etc.

I’m almost grateful that I got sick back in early February due to those tight-waisted jeans I wore. Because of the pain they caused me I have not been able to wear some of my favorite, tightest jeans. I’ve had to wear some looser ones and I’ve been going tighter little by little. During this time disco pants have sort of ‘stepped in’ and allowed me to wear tight pants without having to be in pain. Now I can’t get enough of wearing them and my desire for wearing some of those tightest jeans has lessened. Disco pants are so much more comfortable and make me stand out from others and they reflect the fact that I am an artsy person. And the truth is that once you get used to wearing spandex you really don’t want to wear anything else.

So perhaps my next wearing will be on Monday or Tuesday. I have no plans for Monday at this time. However, on Tuesday I have to take someone to see their doctor. Since I won’t be the one seeing the doctor there’s no reason I could not wear disco pants. Plus I’d like to see if I can get any sort of reaction from the receptionist who works there. She has seen me many times before in skinny jeans but never in disco pants. Should be interesting!


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