Almost a Week Since I Wore Disco Pants!

I haven’t worn disco pants in a week now. All because of the heat here this past week. That includes this past Tuesday which was a day I was hoping to get a wearing in. That was the day I was taking someone to the doctor’s office and I wanted to see if there would be any reaction to my disco pants from one of the receptionists there. Didn’t pan out. And now won’t be returning there for several months. Oh well. The good news is tomorrow is going to be 25-30° cooler than than the last several days and it’s also the day I go thrifting so guess what that means? DISCO PANTS TOMORROW!!

But it looks like this cool spell is going to be short-lived and temps will be back up in the 70’s before we know it. So I have to make tomorrow count. It’s going to be about 54° so it’s definitely puffer jacket weather again. Not sure if I’ll wear black pants or midnight pants or maybe even red ones!! I’m pretty eager to wear those steel blue aka blue grey aka grey blue Le Gambi ones also. That one is completely skintight. But it is less ‘out there’ than red ones because it can resemble a pair of bluish gray skintight slim jeans.

At this point I only intend to go to my usual single thrift store tomorrow. Whether I go to any others or anywhere else for that matter is uncertain. But it does look like I may not be wearing disco pants again for a while. So this blue-gray pair is going to be a serious consideration.

I had been wearing my Converse high tops quite a bit lately. I have quite a few pairs of Converse Chuck Taylors, both the high top and low version. I’ve been trying to wear one of my white pairs a lot so I can get that natural look of wear to them. But my right foot has been feeling a bit weird the last two weeks or so. I don’t know if it’s those shoes or any shoes for that matter that has been causing this but I don’t like the feeling and I’ve been trying to wear some shoes that are not as narrow. And since it’s been so warm lately I pulled out those women’s canvas sneakers I got last year and have been wearing them. You might be thinking, “Well, aren’t women’s shoes narrow, too?” Yes they are but I got these in a wide width and they are no where near as constricting as the Converse are. Plus they are very light and perfect for warm weather. I have worn them with various pairs of skinny jeans and the only thing I really still need to do is wear them with disco pants. I have seen some videos of 70’s teen idols Leif Garrett & Shaun Cassidy wearing black spandex disco pants with white oxford shoes. These sneakers I have are oxford style shoes but made of canvas and completely flat-soled. Maybe tomorrow I will pair the shoes and pants together for the first time ever. They are two of my favorite items of clothing going back to my childhood days. I can’t pinpoint the exact year I first noticed spandex disco jeans but I imagine it had to be sometime in the early to mid 1980’s. As far as the shoes, they were more of an in-person type thing with several girls in my school having them. The one I remember noticing first was around 1986. The 80’s really were a great decade for clothing!!

These particular sneakers would go great with AA’s disco pant. I remember girls wearing these canvas shoes with leggings and slouch socks back in the day. Plus, local discount stores like Venture used to sell girls’ shiny lycra pants/leggings during the late 80’s. Unfortunately I never saw any girls wear those lycra pants with those sneakers. Here’s a photo of the sneakers with disco pants followed by a pic of the lycra pants as sold by Venture:

DSC08596 (2)-001   venture3

The shoes the girls are wearing with the lycra pants are not the same kind as the ones I’m talking about in the top photo. They are slightly similar but I have always liked the top ones better. They have the lacing detail around the mouth of the shoe and that’s one of the things that made this sneaker unique. That and the super thin sole.

Finally, I ordered another pair of brand new black Le Gambi disco pants but my first in size 3. I feel the size 4 gives me a great fit. Perhaps even a perfect fit. But I think I can go down a size since the pants do relax a little after wearing them. I like them tight as possible so a size 3 should do the trick. But I will try to eventually get a few more in size 4.

That’s all I have for now. Just looking forward to going out tomorrow in disco pants and perhaps my white canvas sneakers. Should be fun! Hope I find some cool things at the store!!


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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