Disco Pants on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood?

I haven’t posted in a while for two reasons. The first being that I have not worn spandex disco pants during this time. It has gotten pretty warm here and I knew that would seriously impede my opportunities to wear them. In fact today was over 90°F. T-shirt weather has finally arrived and that for me means shorts and probably some skinny jeans or pants.

The second reason is that for the last half of May and a few days into June I have been watching the Mister Rogers Neighborhood marathon featured on Twitch.com. Like many others, I grew up watching this show and I was totally into it the last several weeks. Thus, I was barely making time for anything else. I wouldn’t even mention this except for the fact that there was a connection between spandex disco pants and the Mr. Rogers show. If you’re familiar with the show you might be thinking this is going to be some ridiculous stretch here. But it’s not for me. There was an episode from 1982–still the height of the disco pants craze–which was an opera that featured a man dressed up as a purple kitten. This kitten was wearing skintight, shiny purple spandex pants as part of the costume. They probably were not spandex disco jeans but they were skintight and had that same kind of shine. As a child to me they were the same kind of pants I had seen countless others wear on TV, such as Menudo, Charlie’s Angels, Sheena Easton, the Solid Gold dancers, etc. So I was instantly enamored when I saw this purple kitten on the Mr. Rogers opera way beack whenever I first saw and every time I saw it since.

Here are a few stills of the purple kitty:




Pictures are not all that high quality but you can get the idea. Those pants are clearly lycra/spandex and could easily pass for spandex disco pants. They are most likely just shiny spandex tights but we may never know for sure. I didn’t catch this particular episode during the marathon because it was shown during the wee hours of the morning, but I can imagine some of the Twitch chat room folks certainly commenting that the kitty was wearing AA disco pants. I certainly wish I could read those chat comments now!

So that’s my spandex disco jeans & Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood connection. Sometimes you can find the unlikeliest of combinations in the unlikeliest of places.

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2 Responses to Disco Pants on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood?

  1. Marco says:

    I remember this episode. I have a vintage pair of purple disco pants like that. They’re so worn that the elastic threads in the fabric have pulled away from the seams and zipper area around the crotch so they’re pretty much see through but it’s still fun to wear them on sunny days.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hi Marco,
      Thanks for sharing that. It’s too bad when disco parts are really worn but you’re right, they are great to wear especially on sunny days! Thanks for reading!

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