No Disco Pants – 3 Weeks Already

It’s just over 3 weeks now that I last wore disco pants. I hate the feeling. I was doing so well for over 2 months. And it’s just getting hotter and hotter here. This is definitely short-sleeve weather. No jackets for the time being.

Anytime I go out now I wear button-front shirts. I love wearing t-shirts but the last few summers I have stopped wearing them because I felt they make me look larger. So button shirts make me feel I have less weight to hide. However I don’t really like how button shirts look with disco pants. At least not most of the ones I have. You know how these shirts are cut at the bottom to be tucked into pants. And then there are the other ones that are cut straight across with the slits on the side meant to be left untucked. I don’t have many of the latter kind and of the ones I do have I don’t think they look all that great with disco pants. Plus, I prefer wearing dark colors on top due to their slimming characteristics. And you all know about wearing dark colors in the summer.

But there is a shortage of ideal shirts I can wear with disco pants. I’d love to find some affordable, lightweight button shirts in dark colors that are meant for wearing untucked. Black, dark blue, burgundy, dark grey, brown and deep green. Those would be great colors. I have to look around online but this sort of thing can be very difficult to find and searches can take hours upon hours, something I already do plenty of on a daily basis.

So while I may not be wearing disco pants just out and about as I was doing last month, I would still wear them if I were going to the mall I usually go to. Why the mall? I see it as a more formal place than the thrift store. OK, maybe not all the stores in the mall but I am speaking particularly of the department stores. Plus it’s nice and cool in the department stores so you don’t have worry about melting in your spandex disco jeans. However, I would still have to figure out what top to wear. That’s a dilemma not easily resolved at this point.

How about you, readers? Is it really hot where you live? Has summer kicked in full force? Are you going about in disco jeans? Would love to hear your comments. In the meantime I will try to find some shirts for myself.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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4 Responses to No Disco Pants – 3 Weeks Already

  1. Scott says:

    I wear disco jeans even in this 90 degree heat. I actually LOVE the way the sweat on my body makes the spandex stick to me. The sensation, especially while walking is awesome. I just came back from the mall just now, and I wore my white ones with my converse sneakers. I catch people checking my pants out now and then. Had a guy in Spencer Gifts say ‘those are some tight pants’ and I replied they look tight but they’re actually pretty comfortable. He said “Ah that’s cool’. I’m gonna be wearing my silver ones to the Taste Of Chicago like I did last year.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hi Scott,
      You have my full respect and admiration!! The fact that you wear them but also that you wear white and silver ones is pretty darn amazing. I guess for me it’s less the hot weather and more that I feel I’m out of shape. With cooler weather I can wear more on top and hide it. But with hot weather and less clothing it’s harder to hide.
      Feel free to send some photos of yourself in your silver disco pants at this year’s Taste. That would be great to see!
      Thanks for reading.

  2. Russ says:

    T-shirts and jeans always work, whether it’s denim or SDJs. Wear an XL sized t-shirt to try to hide anything you don’t want seen. It’s what I do when I want to hide some body features that I don’t want to show. Your casual shoes or Converse sneakers will add to the authenticity of the classic t-shirts and jeans look IMO. I agree with you about the heat though. SDJs in the heat can be tough to bear. I think I’ll try it anyway. Ttyl.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hey Russ,
      Thanks for that tip. I think I’ll try that. My thinking has been that if the pants are tight the top should be well-fitted too. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ll try wearing some larger t-shirts.
      I’m going to try to have some shorts made out of those cheap Chinese disco pants. They are thinner so they will be better and cooler for summer. Regardless though, I think I could probably tolerate sdj’s more in the summer than winter.

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