Disco Pants-Shorts Gonna Happen

I have been wearing my white canvas (women’s) sneakers a lot lately. Surprisingly, for such a thin-soled shoe they are pretty comfortable. Of course, I added an extra insole inside so that helps make them better to wear. They feel better than Converse or Vans. I have even started to wear them with shorts now that it’s become very hot here. I wasn’t sure I would ever wear them with shorts because I am still a bit self-conscious about wearing women’s sneakers. But I do realize that women have the full array of men’s footwear available for them to wear without question. So there is a double standard in this society, but it’s also a free society and I can wear pretty much whatever I want and for that I am grateful.

But I am just talking about some basic white, canvas sneakers. Yes, they may be blatantly feminine if seen up close. And if I ran into someone I know they might comment that I’m wearing some ‘interesting’ shoes or even ‘girly’ ones. That might make me uncomfortable and I may get defensive. But there is that saying, “If the shoe fits, wear it.”

Still, they are just plain sneakers and for the most part I believe sneakers are or should be generally unisex. Other than the fact that they are super thin-soled–I don’t know of any men’s sneakers that are this thin-soled–and they have that lacing detail around the opening they are just a straight up plain pair of vintage-looking casual shoes. And the very fact that I found them in a size I could wear is incredible.

I notice girls mainly looking at the shoes when I’m wearing them. Perhaps they are recognizing them as women’s shoes. Or maybe they are interested in the shoes themselves. I don’t know what the deal is but I think I’ll be wearing them a lot this summer. I have yet to wear them with disco pants though and I am looking forward to the opportunity to wear these two favorite items of clothing of mine together.

And that brings me to something I wrote about several times before–making disco shorts. Once again I am really into the idea of having a pair of disco shorts made to wear during the summer. I still have that cheap Chinese pair I bought about 2 years ago that the button and zipper both broke. I had cut part of legs off and made a pair of ‘cut off’ disco shorts. I’m talking regular shorts, not the disco shorts that American Apparel came out with (also known as hot pants). I would never wear AA’s disco shorts. My vision is something more similar to bike or compression shorts. Maybe not coming all the way down to the knees but a good, noticeable length nonetheless.

I could not bear to cut up a pair of the classic brand name pants. Even if they were in poor condition. But these Chinese ones that cost $8-11 I have no problem with experimenting with. Even this one with the broken zipper and button looked amazingly good as shorts on me. I’d like to have a little hem sewn on them and I am considering having some belt loops put on them with the extra material from the cut legs. I would love to wear the finished product with those white canvas sneakers.

Would I actually wear these spandex disco pants-shorts in public? Well, it woudn’t exactly be my first time doing so. My first experience with wearing spandex in public was when I used to wear shiny spandex Nike shorts on my way to work and back. Not very many people saw me during those times. But during one of those trips home I did make a stop at a Walgreens to pick up some photos. And I did hit a bike trail with some friends a couple of times in Nike compression shorts or bike shorts. Mind you, this was during the time when shiny spandex gear was becoming less shiny and even matte. I hated that era because it became very difficult to find any new shiny spandex legwear. However, these new Chinese disco pants are even shinier than the brand name ones so shiny spandex is apparently here once again.

Comparing my version of disco shorts to AA style disco pants–I would more readily wear the shorts. Why? Because at the very least, the sight of spandex shorts on a guy is a lot more commonplace than any guy in the leggings-style disco pants. In fact, I just had them on and they looked very flattering with a button shirt and canvas sneakers. Yes, they do look like I’m wearing regular athletic compression shorts except that these are a lot shinier, they have a button & zipper (which no one will likely ever see) and they have back pockets which may be partially visible depending on the shirt I’m wearing. Most importantly, they look great and they are comfortable.

I don’t know how many wearings these cheap pairs can withstand. It might really suck to spend $25-30 on hemming them and having belt loops put on just to see them start to fall apart after a wearing or two. Then again it may be totally worth it just for the sheer thrill of it. Might be a good idea to have two made just as a backup pair.

Skintight shorts are being made for guys nowadays. Just look at Asos and H&M and Topman. I mean absolutely skintight. I even have a couple pairs I bought from one of those stores a few summers ago. Have never worn them even though I really like them. But anyway the point I’m trying to make is that since skintight shorts are available for guys, my wearing skintight shiny spandex ones should not exactly be an anomaly. And since they may resemble running or compression shorts I could wear them with a varitey of sneakers including running ones.

At the end of the day it’s all about being free to wear what we like. And we are free. The question is, are we bold enough to do so? Or will we allow ourselves to be constrained by the eyes and thoughts of everyone else?

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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