Goal: Make Disco Shorts This Week

One thing I forgot to mention in my last post about making disco shorts is that those inexpensive Chinese ones are very thin which makes them perfect fo summer wear.  Unlike classic disco pants and American Apparel’s version which are both rather thick nylon/spandex material and may even be hot for the summer. Maybe. But as I wrote in the last post I wouldn’t have the heart to cut up a pair of those high quality pants.

But yes, the Chinese ones are thin and I believe they would actually be refreshing to wear in hot weather. I was wearing a pair of skinny Levi’s shorts today and it was pretty hot in them. Made me wish I was wearing a pair of those disco pant-shorts. This is something I am going to have to get done very soon.

I thought wearing the Levi’s skinny shorts might be a good transition to wearing the disco shorts (once I have them ready). The fit is nearly the same. I would by no means consider the Levi’s shorts to be skintight though others would probably. They do hug the thighs pretty well but where they are cut off they are a little looser. The disco shorts are not loose at all, but then again the pair I already cut is a size large and the ones I plan to have made will be extra large. It may sound wasteful but these pants are so inexpensive that they are perfect for experimenting on.

There is one other factor: the pocket problem. Yes, they have the two rear pockets but all I can fit in them would be my wallet and phone. I’ve got other stuff I would have no room for. So I would have to carry my messenger bag. I dislike the idea of carrying more things because it means the greater potential to lose things. Since I’m not used to carrying a bag it would be fairly easy to place it somewhere and forgot about it. But I did lose my phone last year and vowed I would start carrying my things in the bag. I haven’t done so. But I think I will start. Tomorrow even.

I went shopping for mulch today and while I was walking around in the semi-outdoor area I found myself wishing I had been wearing those disco shorts. There weren’t too many people there and those who were there were busy doing their own thing. I think I would have felt a lot cooler in them then in my denim shorts.

A reader commented on one of my posts that he wears disco pants even when it’s 90°! I would love to do that. I do believe that disco pants material is cooler than denim, hence the main reason I don’t wear them in the winter yet I still wear jeans then. It would make sense then that they are better to wear in hot weather. Especially since all sorts of athletes wear spandex clothing. They’re not going to wear something that suffocates them or does not allow their skin to breathe. This really pumps me up to get the shorts made as soon as possible!

I’m going to start with black shorts. I’ll wear them for a while and see if I should experiment with other colors. They have some pretty loud and ‘out there’ colors available. Might try blue or grey afterwards but even if I just stick with black I will be more than happy to wear black spandex disco shorts a few times a week.

I think I will take them to get made by the end of the week. I will see how much extra it will cost to put on the belt loops. It’s not something I really need but it adds a nice touch. As I wrote, if the pants are going to disintegrate through wear rather quickly it may not be worth spending extra money for the belt loops. The zippers on these pants are rather inconsistent. They’re not smooth and one or two broke the first time I tried the pants on. So it may be worth spending extra money on replacing the zipper with something of better quality. The button is not all that impressive either. Pretty flimsy but perhaps some super glue might keep it in place. I had one where the button popped off as soon as I tried to button it.

So I might just go with having the shorts professionally hemmed just above my knees and have the zipper replaced. I may have two pairs done–a large and an XL. You don’t want to go too tight with these because they do overstretch rather easily and you may find yourself getting only one or two wearings out of them. I’m pretty excited about this!

I tried searching online for any articles on wearing spandex shorts for guys or just for fashion in general but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much there. Everything I do find is exclusively for women, or mandates that guys only wear it in the gym or are for spandex fetishists. Hopefully with this blog I am a voice out there that guys can, do and should wear spandex pants/shorts as fashion and not only at the gym or while participating in a sporting event. And guys don’t have to hide their spandex by wearing other shorts over them. There are people out there who hate spandex and do not want to see ANYONE in them. There are others who believe it’s only for women and for the gym. We don’t have to cater to those people. We don’t have to concern ourselves with what other people’s ideas of fashion faux pas’s are. I see so much negativity regarding disco pants and spandex shorts. I know it shouldn’t but it does frustrate me and makes me want to wear that sort of thing all the time just to show people that hey, it doesn’t look as bad as you say or think. While I love the summer sometimes I just can’t wait for the cooler days of fall when I will happily wear my spandex disco jeans 2-3 times a week.

In other news, last night I ordered 5 pairs of disco pants in different colors from Aliexpress last night. At about $9 each shipping included it’s a steal. At the very least they make for some great pants to just lounge around in. The bold can dare to venture outside in them. I still don’t get how people are not buying these by the dozens. How do I know they’re not? Well, I don’t see anyone around here wearing them. I totally recommend stocking up on these. Just like AA disco pant, these won’t be around forever either.

I also ordered a couple of swimming jammer shorts online. These are the closest thing to the shiny spandex running shorts of the past. They are high quality lycra & nylon combination and will come in handy should I ever have my own swimming pool or go bike riding.

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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2 Responses to Goal: Make Disco Shorts This Week

  1. Neil says:

    I ruined a perfectly good pair of black AA SDJ by turning them into shorts. Even though I carefully cut and then hemmed them, they kept rolling up anyway and the whole “look” didn’t work out too well because they just looked and felt like bike shorts/compression shorts. I’ll stick with the full length look even if the summer heat is on.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hi Neil,
      Sorry to hear that. I would definitely never do that with an expensive pair. That’s why I am going with the cheap Chinese version.
      The bike/compression shorts look is inevitable, I know, but I still like the look and with these thin pants I think it will just be more comfortable in the heat.
      The fact that you said you hemmed the pants but they kept rolling up concerns me. I might just go ahead and try making a temporary hem instead and see how it goes. But whether you wear the shorts of the full length pants, keep on!!

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