Disco Cutoff Shorts – 2nd Wearing

I didn’t wear disco pants or disco cutoff shorts yesterday, but I did wear the shorts today. And I felt very good in them. Lately I’m in the mode where I just want to wear disco spandex all the time. Whether it’s the pants or the shorts I made. The shorts just feel a lot more casual than the pants so I feel I can get away with wearing them more often and in different ways. Unlike the pants which I have felt that I wouldn’t put on just to go to the grocery store or to the post office, the cutoff shorts I would wear virtually anywhere. Seriously. That’s how casual they feel and look. And I have no problem carrying around my small messenger bag for my keys, phone, etc. And I’m starting not to care if become known around town as the spandex pants/shorts guy. Not that there is any chance of that anyway in this huge metropolis.

So where did I go today? I went to two different grocery stores. I knew I was going to two different grocery stores and I chose to wear the shorts anyway. And mind you, it’s Saturday, a day when everyone is out and about. But I didn’t care. I wanted to wear them, and I would have worn them most likely anyplace I was going today.

For the next three months (at least), I know what I will be frequently wearing when I go out. Whereas with the pants I have a limited selection of sneakers I can wear, with the shorts I can wear Converse or Vans, running sneakers or Air Jordans, those canvas women’s sneakers, Dr. Martens boots or vintage Reebok high tops! This should turn out to be a fun summer! I just have to get some more of these shorts made and soon! This one pair has held up well after two full wearings but I don’t want to solely rely on them nor overwear them. Because I am seriously thinking about wearing disco cutoff shorts at least every other day all summer long.

If I had a store, either online or brick & mortar, this is a product I would defintely offer for sale. I would buy a bunch of these Chinese disco pants and turn then into cutoff shorts. I’d have a little brand tag put on the rear right side pocket just to give them a personal touch. I would offer them in a few different lengths and colors and label them ‘unisex’. I would have a truly unique product. Sure they might look like bike or compression shorts, but I would market them as casual shorts for casual wear. What would I call them? I haven’t quite figured that out yet.

By the way, in case I haven’t recently or in the past mentioned it these Chinese disco pants are made of polyester instead of nylon. There is no tag in them other than a tiny size tag and many of the sellers of these pants make little to no mention of what they’re made from. I think I saw somewhere that they are a combination of polyester and spandex. This partially explains their low price as polyester is less expensive than nylon.

For the next several months I will probably be posting a lot regarding spandex disco cutoff shorts. I realize some of you might not be interested in this. That’s ok. Maybe it’s something you can try out for yourself. Could be a transition type thing if you love disco pants but can’t bring yourself to wear them in public. It may just be the thing that pushes you to do it. Or you might discover that you love the idea of disco cutoff shorts and you want to wear them all the time, especially if you live in a year-long-warm area. Whatever the case I’d love to hear if you decide to make your own shorts and wear them.

Well, that’s all I have for now regarding this. Look for another post before the day is up as I have something cool to share with all you disco pants enthusiasts.


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