The Lemon Twigs in Spandex Disco Pants

Yesterday I received a comment from a reader about a new band named The Lemon Twigs. The band is basically two teen brothers who are into all things 1970’s, including–you guessed it–spandex disco jeans. The reader send me a YouTube link of a video of theirs which features both of them in shiny, vintage disco pants.

Here are a couple of stills from the video and the video link below it:



The Lemon Twigs (in disco pants)

To be that skinny again! Well, I’m not and probably never will be but I’m still going to wear spandex disco pants. Anyway, they are sporting interesting colors of the pants–one purple, one lavender. And they have that large trapezoidal tag on the rear pocket so they must be Le Gambi brand or Bojeangles. The pants aren’t all that tight on them but even looser spandex has the tendency to be form-fitting and look tight at times.

I just think it’s great that two teen guys would wear vintage spandex disco jeans in this day and age! (The video is from 2016). This could be a very good sign and perhaps even something that may catch on. Maybe these two guys will help make disco pants a thing again. That would make it a lot easier for guys who want to wear them out and about, including myself. It certainly makes me want to start wearing the other colors I have, including purple and red.

If you watch the video and read the comments some people are saying the brother in the purple pants is trying to imitate David Bowie. Whether he is or isn’t, I don’t know, but I am quite certain David Bowie never wore spandex disco jeans. You can easily find photos of him in those famous spandex tights he wore, but make no mistake–they were not spandex disco pants. Other than that, if they are trying to copy Bowie’s musical style, so what? He was unique and great. Every music artist is copying another in some way. No one is completely innovative when it comes to music.

Here is the cover of their debut album, “Do Hollywood,” featuring one of them in black disco pants, albeit a very loose-fitting pair:


So thanks to the reader who shared this video with me. I think it is nothing short of awesome that younger guys are wearing these vintage pants. Hopefully they keep wearing them and make more videos in them and perform live in them.

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3 Responses to The Lemon Twigs in Spandex Disco Pants

  1. skippy says:

    Here is an interview of them and the one dude is wearing black disco pants,I guess these guys probably ordered the pants off ebay I’m assuming to get the vintage one’s.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Thanks! I’ll be sure to put this in a near-future post! I’m wondering how he/they got into wearing those pants.

  2. skippy says:

    Yeah its not like all his peers are wearing them or anything.

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