4th Wearing of Disco Pant Cutoffs & Chinese Disco Pant Order

Today I wore my shiny black skintight disco pant cutoff shorts for the fourth time. I went to the same doctor’s office as last week. There was no one there unlike last time. After there I went to a supermarket to buy a thing or two. This store is more of a yuppie type store but it was also rather empty. And that was pretty much it for today. It was very hot and humid so I figured the cutoff shorts would keep me cool and looking and feeling good as well.

My Chinese disco pants order came in today and I want to talk about that now. I ordered five colors–black, red, mint, blue, purple–all in the same size, extra large.

DSC00554   DSC00558   DSC00557   DSC00556   DSC00555

They each come in a noisy plastic bag all labelled XL.

First, I tried on the red pair because the bag was already open. I must tell you that this is the tightest ever item of clothing labelled XL that I have ever tried on. No joking. This red pair is so tight it was hard getting them over my feet. And not only do they look skintight on, but they also feel skintight. I felt as though I had to move around a little more cautiously so they would not burst on me. They were hard to take off also. Plus it didn’t help that the room I was trying them on in was like 85°. Overall I was very thrilled with this pair. Here’s how they look:

Disco Pants Mine8

Next pair I tried was the blue. As soon as I took this one out of the bag it looked quite large in comparison to the red. I easily got my feet through them and pulled them up without any effort. They are the loosest size XL disco pants I have ever tried on. I was pretty disappointed in this pair because the color is so nice. This pair is not tight at all would not be very fun to wear. Here’s how they look:

Disco Pants Mine5

The next pair I tried was the “mint” one. I don’t know if they were trying to go for the same vibe as American Apparel’s menthe color but it’s not even close. I wouldn’t even call it ‘mint’ either. Nonetheless it is a very nice skintight pair. Not quite as tight as the red but more than I expect for a size XL. They were also somewhat difficult to get through the feet. Here is how they fit:

Disco Pants Mine6

Next up was the purple pair. In terms of tightness I put these in the same category with the mint. Very tight, hard to get through the feet and very nice to have on. Here they are:

Disco Pants Mine7

Finally, I tried on the black pair expecting it to fit like all my other Chinese black ones in XL. Boy was I wrong! It turned out to fit looser than the XL pair of AA disco pants I had at one time. And those were quite loose if you will recall. While the rise isn’t sky high like my other pairs it as loose as the blue pair and almost completely uninteresting to wear. I wouldn’t even want to make shorts out of them. Here they are:

Disco Pants Mine9

There you have it. There is such a disparity in fit between these pants. I bought all five from the same seller on Aliexpress and all in size XL. I certainly expected the fit on all to be similar if not exact. Had they all fit like the red or purple or mint I would have been pleased even though those all fit tighter than they probably should have. The blue and black were pretty big disappointments but I’m sure I will find some way to incorporate them into my wardrobe.

I hope this helps any of you thinking of buying these pants. They are beautifully inexpensive pants and because of that you can buy a couple of sizes in the same color to compare. I wouldn’t buy any of these with the intention or sending back for a refund. It would surely cost more to return anything to China than to just keep or perhaps resell a pair that does not fit well. I don’t know why there is such a disparity between the fits, and I don’t know if it’s limited to the particular seller or to particular colors. But I do plan on placing another order from another seller who has additional colors and I am anxious to see how those will fit.

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2 Responses to 4th Wearing of Disco Pant Cutoffs & Chinese Disco Pant Order

  1. Andrew Humphrey says:

    The black and blue pairs will work very well as disco shorts, no?

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      I don’t know. They’re just not tight enough. I’ll probably just keep them as are and use them casually during warmer weather.

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