6th Wearing of Disco Pant Cutoff Shorts

Today was the 6th time I wore my disco pant cutoff shorts. It was really hot and humid here today so they were definitely a go-to item. Actually that’s just an excuse. I’d wear them all summer long, humid or dry, hot or not-so-hot. But it was great being in them today. I went to a supermarket and to Walmart in those skintight, shiny shorts. Unfortunately, I didn’t pass by any mirrors so I didn’t get to check the shorts out. But summer is still young, the shorts are holding up well and there will plenty more opportunities to wear them (and others).

Edit: As I was writing this I had to make another trip outdoors to Walgreens so I decided to don the same outfit from earlier today, including the disco cutoff shorts.

Speaking of others, I have not yet received my 2nd order of disco pants from China. It’s taking longer than the first one. That order I received 10 calendar days after ordering it. This second one is already on its 13th calendar day. And I placed another order last night with a third vendor on Aliexpress. This vendor is one of the few that have the pants in a navy color. I just want all these to come quick so I can see how they fit and what sort of adjustments I need to make for future orders and for the shorts I want to have made.

Remember the excessively loose fitting black and blue disco pants I received from the first vendor? Well, I’ve been sleeping in them. Yes, I’ve been using them as pajamas. They work out well because they don’t creep up on your legs like typical pajamas do. They stay nicely at your ankles. Plus they are nice to touch during the night. So silky smooth! Feels like you’re wearing silk pajamas!

Will I ever wear them out during the day? Not really sure. They are probably the closest thing to AA-style disco pants I could wear. I guess it depends on how much more confident I become in the near future. But I seriously believe that because they are not skintight most people would think they’re just retro track pants or something like that. If they had some stripes down the sides they would definitely be considered track pants. It’s too bad the seller I got these from is no longer selling disco pants. I would have picked up a few more pairs, loose or not.

The verdict is in: it may be possible to modify one of these Chinese pants from leggings-leg to straight leg, but it would require the right equipment and the know-how. And it may be pricey. This is the gist of the expert opinion I received. So I am going to proceed with this. My only hope is that the place where I regularly take my disco pants and jeans to get repaired can do this. I would hate to search around for another place. But I don’t want to go in there with just one project to do. I want to get some shorts made as well but I have to wait on these orders to come in.

So if you’re going to order these pants on Aliexpress here is what you need to know: there will be variances in the pants from seller to seller. And I don’t mean just the price. I have purchased black ones from 3 different sellers and all 3 pants have had their nuances. The first one I ordered size XL from featured a super high rise. We’re talking like 14 inches here. But the pants fit tight and quite comfortable and look great. In fact, the shorts I made were from a pair from this first seller. The XL pair from the second seller also fit tight and did not have such a long rise. I have not measured it so I cannot state what it is but it surely feels and looks shorter. This is the pair I am going to have the lower legs modified on. The pair from the third seller is the one I am currently using as pj’s. This one is not tight and its rise also does not look or feel as long as the first. Therefore, my advice is shop around with a few different sellers and see which you prefer when they arrive. Then if you want extra pairs buy from the same seller. This is exactly why I have not gotten the ball rolling yet on having the shorts made. I have to wait for this order to come in and see how the pants fit. If they’re great then I have to order again because I want to have extra pairs. If they’re not so great, again I have to order once more but in different sizes. So it may take a while.

It was really great to be back in my disco pant cutoffs today after over a week of not wearing them. Looking forward to the next wearing.


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2 Responses to 6th Wearing of Disco Pant Cutoff Shorts

  1. Alex says:

    I saw a very unusual sight today while I was out shopping. There was a guy in his 20’s up on a ladder doing some drilling on the side of a roof at a Dunkin’ Donuts and I noticed he had on tight, shiny pants! Well I circled back and parked to get a closer look. He was wearing very shiny blue pants which had pockets in the back. They weren’t any kind of skinny jean, they were spandex disco jeans! I just couldn’t believe was I was seeing though. That’s not the only sighting of a guy wearing SDJ I’ve had this year. Back in the spring, there was a guy wearing a vintage black pair at the gas station. Looked like a Le Gambi tag on the back. They were super tight and shiny too.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      It’s too bad you couldn’t sneak a few pictures of those guys you saw. Those are definitely ‘kodak’ moments!
      I almost thought you might have seen me at a gas station in the spring, but then I remembered that a gas station is one of the places I have not yet worn sdj’s to yet.
      Thanks for the comment!

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