2nd Order of Chinese Disco Pants

On Saturday I received 5 of the 6 pairs of disco pants I ordered about two weeks ago. I was advised I would be getting two separate packages so I’m not not worried. The pair I did not receive was the black one. I have plenty to say so here goes….

First of all, this set of pants has the same sizing inconsistencies as the others. I purchased all XL and some fit skintight while others fit quite loose. The interesting thing is that the blue fit exactly the same as the blue from the last order–that is, very loose. On the other hand, the red & purple fit skintight just as they did from the previous order. The purple had a somewhat higher rise which made for a bit of an awkward fit at the waist.

I also received two other colors–gray & gold. The gray fit disappointingly loose as the blue. The gold was the literal ‘gold mine’ in this order. It fit skintight and the color is so nice. I am very pleased with the gold pair.

Ultimately it seems that these sellers have basically the same pants. While one may have a few extra colors they are the same disco pants with the same inconsistencies. Here are photos of the pants as I received them and some fit pics:






Disco Pants Mine16a

Disco Pants Mine17a

Disco Pants Mine18a

Disco Pants Mine19a

Disco Pants Mine20a

There you have it! Looks like this order came with two losers, namely the blue and grey. I’m not sure if I should try to reorder them in large or medium. Problem is last year I had ordered a grey in large from another seller and it was a very skintight fit. So I’m just not sure.

But as you can see, the purple and red fit just like the others from the last order. The gold is definitely a great addition.

I have yet to received the black pair which as of today, Tuesday, has not arrived. And there is still the order I placed last week which is due to arrive. Can’t wait for those!

That pair of disco cutoff shorts I wear regularly had that little issue of the inseam threads unravelling a bit. Well, I bought some Fabri-tac and glued the two parts of the seam together and it is just fine now. In fact, I don’t think I will do anything else with these shorts. I’m going to leave the crooked-cut legs as are and not have them hemmed. But any other pairs I make will have a nice, straight seam.

By the way, I did wear my shiny cutoff shorts today again. It’s now the 7th time I’ve done so.


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2 Responses to 2nd Order of Chinese Disco Pants

  1. skippy says:

    Wow two of them look like M.C hammer pants,That’s the problem with those pants is the inconsistency,I would figure out the actual real size and list it on ebay for the same price or a little higher as I did,I even listed one at $20.00 and it sold.

    It seems the black ones’s are always the worst with me in the rise being too high,I did receive one last year and the zipper broke,I still have it.

    I’m surprised you never got the one’s with the fake AA label on them,I have to say they are nice or maybe you have.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      I did get a black one with the AA label on it last year. You’re right, it is a nice one and one of the best Chinese pairs I have.

      I feel I can still get some use out of the loose ones. They are thin and would be more comfortable for summer. They’re too loose to look like leggings or disco pants so I’m not sure what they appear to be to everyone.

      It seems these black pairs I have gotten more recently have a more normal rise as opposed to the sky-high ones of the very first pairs I ordered 2 years ago or so. I also have one with a broken zipper and a button that popped off. It’s the first pair I cut off the legs on to make shorts out of. But with the busted zipper/button it’s unwearable right now.

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