3rd Disco Pants Order Fit Pics

As promised, here are some fit pics of my latest Chinese disco pants order. This order took 13 days to arrive from the date of placement. Unfortunately, the results are just like the first two orders. The best news is that the blue pair fits skintight while the black and navy pairs fit a little more like I expect size XL to fit.

So let’s start with the best of the bunch. Here is the blue:

Disco Pants Mine27

This is my first of 3 pairs in this color to fit tight. The first two were disappointly loose. I would like to make a pair of shorts in this color. I will try ordering another pair from this same seller and hopefully it will fit similar to this or just slightly looser.

Here is the black:

Disco Pants Mine26

Not as loose as the black pair from my first order–still waiting on the black from my 2nd order–but looser than the XL pair I made shorts from. However, this is a more comparable fit to the XL American Apparel pair I had a while ago. This one is okay but not how I like them.

Here is the navy:

Disco Pants Mine25

Ditto on this pair. More of what I expect from an XL pair but still not to my liking. The good thing is since this is XL I can size down for a better fit (hopefully). It’s a great color and I definitely want to make shorts out of this color as well.

Next up is my first pair of white ones:

Disco Pants Mine23

This is a very nice, bright white. It’s whiter than the more ivory-colored vintage pants and the AA version. However, as you can see, the pants are quite loose. Again, good thing is I can size down and hope for a better fit. Wouldn’t mind having a pair of shorts made out of this color as well.

Finally, here is the gold:

Disco Pants Mine24

This one turned out to be qutie loose as well. My gold pair from the 2nd order was skintight. This one not so much. I don’t think I’ll be getting more in this color. If this pair had turned out to fit like the first one I might have made shorts out of them. But as it is, I probably would not wear this color in shorts. So I think I’m done with this color.

Hopefully, these pics and info here help anyone interested in ordering some of these panst. This particular seller on Aliexpress is called Yomsong Store and, unlike the other sellers I have purchased from, this one is still selling these pants. The quick shipping is nice, too. I will be ordering several colors from them again.

I did order another few pairs from yet another seller yesterday. Got a couple of gray and wine-colored ones. Might seem ridiculous to buy so many, especially when many are turning out to be lemons. But I’ll find uses for them and if not I will just resell them. At these prices, you could even resell for $15 or $20 and make a small profit. Believe me, if their sizing were more consistent, I would buy loads of these and sell them on ebay. There are plenty of women who don’t know about these pants and are lamenting the passing of AA’s version. I may even try selling a few of my loosest ones just to see if there’s any interest. The key is to be sure to provide actual measurements. Can’t go by the labelled size since there is no standardization.


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