Price Hike on Chinese Disco Pants!

So I was ready to place another order last night with the 3rd vendor I purchased from and to my surprise they raised their price to $19 per pair! OK, it’s still cheap compared to American Apparel but it makes ordering 5 or 6 pairs not as painless as before. I had to stop myself from ordering them. Hopefully they will bring the price back down. I have to order from this particular seller because they are the only ones who have the pants in navy. I will check again later today.

Twenty dollars per pair is really not bad but their sizing is so bad that it’s totally hit-or-miss when you buy a pair. And being in China makes it unfeasible to send back for a refund. I guess that is the price you pay for something like this.

I don’t see myself placing too many more orders. But there are more colors & fits I need to get just right before I completely stop. Here is what I have thus far:

  • Red: I have 2 pairs both XL and both fit skintight. Not sure if I will want this color for shorts
  • Purple: I have 2 pairs both XL and both fit skintight. Most likely will not have shorts made in this color
  • Turquoise: I have one pair XL and it fits skintight. Most likely will not have shorts made in this color
  • Gold: I have 2 pairs both XL. One fits skintight, the other loose. Probably no shorts made
  • Royal blue: I have 3 pairs all XL. One fits skintight, the other 2 loose. Definitely want shorts made in this color
  • Gray: I have 2 pairs. One is XL and is loose. The other is L and is from an order I placed about 2 years ago. It is skintight. Definitely want shorts in this color
  • White: I have one pair XL and fits loose. Not sure if I want white shorts but it does go with everything
  • Black: I have 2 most recent pairs both XL and both on the loose side. I have several pair from previous years’ orders which are L & XL and all fit skintight. I want at least one more pair of shorts made in black.

So we’re looking at navy, royal blue, gray & black being the key colors I need the right fit for in order to make shorts. You might say since I already have skintight pairs of royal blue and grey I could go ahead and make shorts out of them. Well, since they are my only pairs in those colors with a skintight fit I don’t want to go cutting them up. Only when I have a 2nd pair of royal blue that fits skintight will I make the shorts. Ditto for the gray. This is because I would like to believe that someday I will yet wear these skintight Chinese pairs out in public. And if not in public then at the very least at home all day everyday.

Getting back to the colors–other than the ones I mentioned above there aren’t too many other offerings available. I did order a couple of wine-colored pairs recently. And I have noticed some of the vendors offer a color they call “lavender” and others call “light purple.” I haven’t seen any silver or greens or pinks. Some vendors show photos of colors they don’t even have for sale! I’ve seen photos of the mint green and baby pink on their listings but you can’t buy them.

I don’t know if any of you readers are buying these pants AND having success with the sizing. I’m sure all of you want them to fit as they are meant to fit–skintight. My success rate with the most recent 3 orders is 7/14 or 50%. There is still that one black pair I have yet to receive from the 2nd order but I’m not holding my breath in terms of it fitting skintight. I can still work with the other ones if they don’t fit to my liking but I don’t want to end up with too many that are very loose. The loose pairs might not even make good shorts. That’s something I should consider trying though before making a final verdict.

Anyway, midway through writing this I had to go out so I put on my disco pant cutoffs. I also did yesterday so it was the 2nd day in a row that I wore them out. I’m up to 11 wearings now since I’ve made this thing. And they are still holding up pretty well. I believe the reason is that they are not so tight that they are squeezing me. You’ve seen the pictures. They are form-fitting and look skintight but they are not restrictive at all. If they were as tight as my size large pairs from my orders from two years ago, they might start showing clear signs of stretching.

At one of the stores I went to today there was a dude there doing some shopping and wearing a pair of printed black leggings. I thought that was really cool! Especially since he was listening to music privately and jamming out. That was a guy totally comfortable with himself and his clothing choices. I’m not really into printed leggings but it was inspiring nonetheless to see him in that. I had to do a double take at first because I needed to confirm it was a man, not  a woman. I’m sure he saw my shorts too and I can’t help but wonder what he thought of them.

On a final note, there are still sellers on ebay–and especially on Etsy–who are trying to get hundreds of dollars for old vintage pairs of shiny spandex jeans. At this point I would not pay $100 for any old pair unless it happens to be one of the few colors I am still seeking. But these sellers are asking $100+ for colors as common as black and red. And some are brand names that weren’t exactly known for making these pants. If you’re going to spend this much you might as well buy the brand new pairs I have written about. I remember that on some social media site one time I found an old vintage pair that a person was trying to sell for more than a brand new pair! After commenting twice that you could buy new ones for less and seeing those comments removed, I was blocked from that person’s account. LOL! I understand you have something rare there and you want to make some money off it but, for crying out loud, it’s not a $20 Double Eagle gold coin! Take a look sometime at disco pants on Rarely will you find a pair that is not heavily defective for less than $100. Then take a look at completed sales on Ebay and you’ll see that most sold between $20 and $80.

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