Disco Pants Tomorrow & Tight End Disco Pants on the Way

So tomorrow is still looking like a relatively cool day and I am getting excited about wearing spandex disco jeans. I get that butterflies-in-the-stomach feel. Not sure why I don’t get this feeling when I wear my disco pant cutoffs. I guess there’s just something more exciting about wearing more of this material as opposed to less. I’m even considering wearing one of my old, vintage pairs. In particular, my very first pair of the small label black Le’ Gambi. Even 5 years later it remains one of my favorites and one I would never travel far without. Since it’s a size 2 it has a bit lower rise which is great for me because it means the top of the waist won’t fold down. And it has an inseam just long enough that I don’t have to fold the hems inward. I need to start wearing these old pairs out and leave the newer ones for more grandiose occasions. Oh yeah, another reason I like this pair is that it’s skintight. Yes, it loosens up a bit after wearing them for a while but not to the point where anyone would consider them anything short of absolutely skintight. And I do mean from the knees on up. Beliow the knees they fit like a modern pair of slim jeans or pants.

The forecast temperature for tomorrow keeps dipping a few degrees and then creeping up a few degrees. Yesterday they were saying it was going to be cooler. Today they raised the temp a few. But it will be mostly cloudy so that should help keep it feeling cooler. But without sun there won’t be too much of a shine to see from my pants. But that’s okay because disco pants are just awesome to wear even in the dark.

But I’m not completely sure I’ll wear the old Le’ Gambi pair. I might just go with the brand new pair I bought last November and wore often during the spring. Or I may go with the black Jonden pair. I know for sure I’ll be going to my usual thrift store tomorrow. That’ll be the first stop. After there it’ll be off to either Aldi or Walmart, both of which I have already worn disco pants to.

While some of the weathermen here have been saying it will be ‘jacket weather’ tomorrow I’m sure I will not be wearing any kind of jacket. At worst I may wear a long-sleeve button up shirt and roll up the sleeves if it starts feeling warm. But more than likely I’ll just wear a short-sleeve button up shirt. This reminds me that I need to dig out my hoodies because I have some which I would really like to wear with disco pants when that time comes.

By the way, I bought another vintage pair today. This one is a Tight End brand and it will be my first pair of that brand name. It’s black and I know I don’t really need any more black ones but they just looked so good and shiny and the price was right so I bought them. Their nylon to spandex ratio is similar to some of the really shiny & silky Jonden pairs I have so I’m thinking they will be like those. And it does look so in one of the photos. Basically the range of nylon in spandex disco pants is 85-90% while the spandex itself goes from 10-15%. I have noticed that the shinier pairs are usually the ones that have only 85% or 87% nylon. But even with some of the newly made pairs I have seen that they are quite shiny and they are 90% nylon. So it probably does have more to do with some other factors than just the ratio of nylon to spandex. But I am excited about this Tight End pair. The photos show a very trim woman in the pants with a skintight ft. That does worry me a bit in terms of whether they will fit me. On the other hand I have squeezed myself into some very small pairs and I believe that as long as I can fit myself into a vintage size 2 I should be okay.

That’s all for now. Will let you what I end up wearing tomorow and how it goes.

About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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