Wore a Vintage Le’Gambi Pair Today

As expected and planned I did wear spandex disco jeans today. And I went with my old black Le’ Gambi pair size 2 that I wrote about yesterday. It felt really great being in those pants out & about today. I want to wear them all the time!

It did turn out to be cool as forecasted. In fact, when I go up it was 61° in my backyard. That is an absolutely ideal temperature for wearing disco pants. It was cloudy and even sprinkled a bit but I did feel it warm up slightly and there was even some sunshine peeking out from behind the clouds by the time my errands were done.

I wore a black Rolling Stones hoodie with the pants and white Converse high tops. I really felt like a bit of a rock star wearing all that. The hoodie was something I came into a few months ago and this was the first time I wore it. Absolutely a great item to wear with disco pants. My only beef with this hoodie is that it fits me a bit large and long. I tried shrinking it a bit by putting it in the dryer but it remains large. It completely covers the crotch and back pockets which I suppose I can live with. The fact that it is a Stones hoodie gives it such an edge that I can overlook any faults it may have. But were it not a Stones hoodie I would not wear it with disco pants. I would look for something just a bit snugger fitting and definitely shorter.

I went to a 7/11, my usual thrift store, a supermarket, another 7/11 and finally Domino’s Pizza. And I felt completely comfortable and at ease. It’s funny how you can become so acclimated to certain things–things you may have been much afraid or unsure of initially. Yes, we all must get used to doing things that must be done even though at first we may be afraid, hesitant or unsure of. But here in this context I speak not of doing something that needs to be done but something you want to do. Something that you may face resistance or criticism for doing. For me it was first wearing skintight jeans. I received resistance for it and succumbed to the fears it created in me. Thus I rarely wore them. But many years later I tried again and I received resistance once more. This time I stuck with it though and forced my critics to accept my choices. As time passed my jeans got tighter and tighter and my critics became more and more used to it and realized it was a part of who I am. Then came the spandex disco pants. This was definitely different territory but the whole tight jeans thing made it easier by building the foundation I needed to cruise through the resistance.

So today was really great. Except at the pizza place. I was sitting there by the window and trying to take some pics of myself but there was this annoying woman there who probably thought I was trying to get photos of her. I was positioning the camera as far away from me as possible so I could get all of me and especially the pants in the photo. From her perspective it probably looked as though I was trying to get a Kodak moment of her which I assure you was absolutely not the case. As far as the girl from the doctor’s office whom I will be seeing tomorrow–I wouldn’t mind a photo of her. Even more so if she wore disco pants.

The official temperature was about 67° and that was well after I got home. And I’m even entertaining the idea of wearing disco pants again tomorrow. Not only because I felt so good in them today but because of that girl I just mentioned. I would like to see if she notices my pants and what sort of reaction she has. But tomorrow is not going to be like today. They’re already forecasting nearly 80° for then. I mean, I don’t really mind wearing spandex disco jeans in 80° weather but the difficulty lies in finding the right top to wear with them. I’m still not all that keen on wearing them without some kind of hoodie or jacket on top . Oh well. Who knows, if the mood strikes me in the morning I may just put on my midnight navy pair and not take them off until I come back home!

Now for those of you who have stuck around this far I have a treat. I came across this video (one of several) called “Raquel Welch’s Subway Fantasy” from 1980. It starts with one guy in black disco jeans but as the musical progresses to other songs more and more men appear in shiny disco jeans and in various colors. It’s a great watch from a different time and I’ll have more videos on my next post.


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