Tight End Disco Pants & 66th Wearing

I wore spandex disco jeans again today! Although it wasn’t the midnight navy Le’Gambi it was disco pants nonetheless. Last night I was really pumped about wearing disco pants today but there was still some doubt in my mind. My aforementioned midnight navy pair was feeling tighter than normal in the waist and I suspected it was the small size 5 pair I have. I took them off to see and it was my size 6 after all! I don’t remember them fitting that tight in the waist before. That’s not good. So I went with my black Jonden pair. It’s what I call my ‘safe pair.’ While it’s not the first ever pair I wore in public it is the one that got me started wearing such pants on a regular basis earlier this year. If you’ll recall, I had some stomach problems from wearing an old pair of jeans with an exceedingly tight, non-stretch waistband. As a result of that I had to avoid all tight-fitting jeans for quite some time. This Jonden pair of disco jeans has the most forgiving waistband I’ve ever seen in disco pants and, not only did it allow me to start wearing skintight pants again, it actually started this near 4 month period of me wearing spandex disco pants casually in public. So this pair of spandex jeans holds a special place for me, even if it’s not the shiniest or sturdiest pair I own.

I had to take someone to see a doctor today and I tried on the pants for the hell of it. I figured I’ll take them off after seeing how I looked and at best put on my disco pant cutoffs, at worst just put on some slim jeans. But when I looked at the clock I realized I had no time to change into anything else as the appointment time was quickly approaching. So I had to swiftly decided what shirt to wear with them. I prefer the button shirts that are not made to be tucked in, as they have that nice straight-across-cut bottom hem. So I grabbed a dark green one and went out the door. And of course I wore my white Converse high tops.

It was surely warmer and sunnier today. So even though these Jonden’s don’t shine as much as some of my others, when the sunlight hits them there is no denying they are spandex pants. First stop was the doctor’s office. Unfortunately, the girl I was hoping to see at the desk was not there today. Bummer. That makes the last two times I go there that she’s not there. Spent over two hours there. It was kinda dead and nothing eventful happened. After there I went to Walmart where I knew it would be packed since it’s a weekend before school starts. And it was packed but not just with children. The main that happened there was a young woman whose eyes darted to my pants right when I looked her in the face. That was rather funny to see her eyes looking down at my pants. Would love to know what went through her mind. And then there was also a little girl who turned around to look at me in 2 different areas of the store. Kids don’t usually judge you on stuff like that unless they come from an environment where judgment and negativity are constantly flying about. Some kids I know that were about her age were fascinated by the pants. So perhaps she was, too.

After that it was off to Subway for some takeout. Their parking lot was full so I had to park on the busy street right next to it and walk a bit to the store. There was someone already in there eating and then a woman who came in after me. I don’t know if they looked at me or whatever. But that was all for today. I spent about 5 hours in disco jeans today.

I don’t know what today’s official high temp was here but it certainly in the mid 70’s and does prove that I can wear disco pants in this kind of weather and feel comfortable. This 70ish weather is going to continue for the rest of the week so don’t be surprised if write additional posts about several more wearings. Tomorrow is supposed to be slightly cooler than today, but even if I do go somewhere tomorrow I don’t think I’ll go for 3 wearings in a row. I may wait until Monday or later.

One of the colors I am getting really eager to wear is that greyish color with the blue tint. I have two pairs of those, a Frederick’s and a Le’Gambi, and I do prefer the Le’Gambi. Both pairs are pretty tight and shiny, but the Le’Gambi is even tighter and a little shinier. I wish it were more of a solid grey color without the blue tint, but it is a great color nonetheless and in some photos it does come out as solid grey. The day I finally wear those in public will be a pretty special day. And it may not be that far away!

I did receive the Tight End pair today. It’s that really shiny, silky type material similar to some Jonden pants I have and some of the later Frederick’s ones that were made. Unfortunately, the pants are very tight and do not fit at this time. Mind you, I did try to hurriedly get them on after arriving home and taking off the Jonden. I will try again but the waistband has no stretch to it whatsoever and the material in general has very little side-to-side stretch. In my initial attempt to get them on I could not get them past the midpoint of my upper legs. But they really are a gorgeous pair of spandex jeans. I may have to try again but lying down.

You know what’s weird? I still don’t see anyone anywhere I go wearing disco pants. Perhaps the places I go aren’t really the norm for seeing that. But didn’t we establish that disco pants were a casual item now? Aren’t tight-fitting pants of all kinds now the norm for guys and gals? So what’s the deal? Though I would love to see more people, someone, anyone wearing disco pants wherever I go, I am perfectly content being the only one wearing them. I love clothing but I’m not going to be someone who keeps up with all the trends. If something I like is in style I’ll wear it. When it goes out of style I’ll keep wearing it. I kinda wish I were in college now. Actually I really wish I were. Would love to show up to classes wearing disco pants. It’s a bit different living on campus versus commuting to school. Living on campus is almost like a sanctuary where you can dress how you want and only have to deal with that university community. But yeah, it would be interesting to see reactions from young college students.

Finally, as promised here is another clip I came across of plenty of spandex disco pants. It’s from Cher’s “Take Me Home” tour from 1980. Features tons of both male and female dancers, singer, musicians all in disco pants. This is just a clip but you can find the entire show in the video below it. Why watch just a clip and stop there when you can see more, more, more disco pants? You’ll even see Bette Midler sporting bright green ones in the complete video. That’s exactly the color I’ve been wanting for a long time!

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