Tight End Pants Are Absolutely Tight!

You might notice that I am blogging a lot here lately. Well, I am in one of my obsessive spells currently. I just have spandex disco pants on the mind non-stop. And as long as I keep wearing them regularly and buying more here and there I will probably have a lot to rant and rave about here.

First up I want to say that I tried on my new, black Tight End disco pants last night. Earlier I wrote that I could not get them past the midway point of my upper legs upon my first attempt to get them on. Last night provided me a better result although not the ultimate goal.

It was a real struggle to get these pants up. They have very little sideways stretch, so when I say that they were completely painted on to my upper legs I kid you not. Outseam stitches were breaking as I pulled the pants up higher and higher. Little by little I had to pull slack up from the lower legs to try and get the pants as high up on my waist as possible. The only other pair of disco pants that were this hard to get on were my white Jonden. Both took at least half an hour. AT LEAST. But with the Jonden I needed the additional time of buttoning them and creeping up the zipper millimeter by millimeter. My zippering fingers were in pain for days after that!

But these Tight End pants were not going to see any buttoning or zipping action at all. The waistband is just too rigid. The white Jonden has a very forgiving waistband and it’s really the only reason I was able to get them buttoned and zipped. So I got the Tight End up as high as possible–they needed to go higher because the pockets were sitting a little lower than normal on my bum–and the open button and zipper I would have to cover with a longish shirt. As a result, I’m not sure they are all that practical to wear. Plus with those seams breaking I feel they are a bit too delicate. But I do love these pants!

I was told that even though I can’t button/zip them I could still get away with wearing them if I wore an oversized sweatshirt or shirt with them. That is very true and the more I hear people suggest wearing disco pants with oversized tops the more I think it could be a real option for me, even though it’s not my ideal pairing. The Rolling Stones hoodie I wore the other day with disco pants is a bit oversized for me and yet I still felt a rebel and a rockstar. I guess for me it depends on what sort of graphic is on the shirt or hoodie. Or even if there is no graphic.

There is something I really loved about these pants–their shine! It reminded me of the shine of the Chinese disco pants. Extremely shiny and silky-looking. Also similar to the white Jonden and the silver Frederick’s I have. Absolutely amazing. I wish all my disco pants had this particular kind of shine. Also, even though I could not fasten the pants they still felt tight on me. I love the fact that spandex is skintight and yet comfortable, but I still like to feel that the pants are tight on my thights and crotch/bum area. It’s not all that fun if the pants fit like a second skin but you can’t feel the tightess on you. When I wear spandex pants it’s usually not for running, dancing or any kind of aerobics so I don’t mind feeling restricted by them somewhat.

But these pants’ shininess reminded me that I need to go to my cleaners this week and see if they can modify that Chinese disco pant from skinny lower legs to slim/straight. I really hope she can do that. I’ve got extra material for her to use so all she needs to do is determine whether it’s feasible. If it is and it turns out great I may buy a few more in different colors to have done. Would definitely love some pairs in navy, royal and grey. But I also have to see how much it would cost to do such a thing. I can’t imagine it would be terribly expensive–I think more than $50 would be terribly expensive–or overtly time-consuming. I just have to make it known that I do not want anything even slightly resembling boot cut or flared bottoms. I don’t think it would be necessary to add more than 2 inches total to the circumference of the hem. The greatest challenge perhaps would be to see exactly at what point the extra material needs to be sewn in on the lower leg. It may even need to start at the knees or so. That might be something that she wants to see with her own eyes so she might just have me put the pants on in there. I’m fine with that except I would hope that no other customers would be there right then. I’m still rather shy about being seen in the leggings-version of disco pants. I am thinking I may even take my royal blue Chinese pair there to have modded as well.

I’d like to go there tomorrow but realistically I’ll probably go on Tuesday. I have some prep work to do as well. Need to find of my vintage ones that I can take to her so she can copy the cut on. I don’t think it will be enough for me to just provide the measurements for her. I would rather that she has everything she needs from me at her fingertips. This is a big project (for me) and it could turn out to be something extraordinary.

Finally, I have come across another pair of vintage spandex disco jeans I plan to buy. It’s a brand I don’t have and never heard of. The color I already have but the pants are very nice nonetheless. The fit pics are amazing and if the pants should happen to fit me similarly I will have an absolutely awesome pair of shiny spandex jeans. As I mentioned aIready have this color in two pairs, but one pair is extremely tight (killer on the waist) while the other is quite looser. I am hoping this new pair will fit closer to the skintight pair but without the strain on the waist. Also, being a different brand it has some unique visual elements to it. For one, it has a little tab on the back right pocket, similar to the red tab on Levi’s jeans. That is such a small thing but it does so much visually for Levi’s jeans. I cannot imagine Levi’s without that tab. Additionally, these disco pants have some extra seam lines on the back above the pockets. I’m not one for extra doodads on disco pants, e.g. rhinestones, all-around zipper, etc., but these seams do not deter at all from the pants’ great look. Frankly, the way I wear the pants those seam lines will not ever be seen because they are way too up high. And last but not least, there is a little decorative stitching pattern on the pockets, again similar to that found on Levi’s jeans back pockets. It’s very subtle. Clearly these disco pants were inspired by Levi’s and these elements really do give the pants a unique look. Also they were made in England.

So that’s what’s going on here. Got my Tight End pair yesterday. Might be getting another one of them soon. Will be getting this English pair eventually. Still waiting on 2 full orders of Chinese pants. And that one stray black pair going on a month now. Looks like an eventful period in terms of spandex disco jeans. Can’t wait!


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6 Responses to Tight End Pants Are Absolutely Tight!

  1. Neil says:

    I’m always looking for vintage heavy metal guys wearing these pants. I found this today…


    and an obscure French metal band wearing spandex while working out in a music video!

  2. Neil says:

    sorry, one link was incorrect……….here’s the right link:

  3. Disco Jeans Wearer says:

    Did you notice that Disco Pants are back for sale at American Apparel’s website? They are offering the Black, Charcoal and Navy!

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Wow! I did not see that. That is awesome news!! Thanks for letting me know. I’m sure this will make a lot of people happy. Thanks DJW!

  4. Jay D. says:

    I wore my vintage Frederick’s of Hollywood red SDJ all weekend. Went to stores, the library, 2 garage sales and went roller blading in them too! I’m awaiting the delivery of 13 pairs of SDJ I ordered from Ali Express. I figured if the sizes vary so much, might as well buy multiple of the same size to assure I get the right fit and give the others away to my SDJ wearing friends!

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Jay D.
      That is so cool! Did you get any comments at the garage sales? Red is a color I have yet to wear out and about. But this fall I’m thinking I will do it.
      Hope you get the right fit with the Aliexpress pants. Absolutely if you get fits you don’t like giving them away is a great idea or even finding different uses for them. Thanks for commenting!

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