AA Disco Pants Are Back!!!

I’ve got a lot to write about today! So much going on in my personal world of spandex disco pants and in the world of disco pants in general. I have so much to say that I may not finish this post tonight! But I must!!

First up, a really amazing and great piece of news. I believe everyone who loves disco pants will thrilled with this. A reader of this blog alerted me that American Apparel disco pants are up for sale again on American Apparel’s new website! If you don’t believe this take a look at the screenshot I took:


There it is! Disco pants and disco shorts being sold once again! At this time only black, midnight navy and charcoal are being offered and sizes range from XS to XL. And the price is $68 which is a 20% drop from the $85 AA used to sell them at before shutting down. I have no idea if the pants are exactly the same of if the quality is the same. I will order several pairs for myself in medium and large. I’ll tell you this: the pictures on the website look great. The pants look really shiny and I daresay these pics are looking even more attractive than the ones from before. What we’ll have to see is if they expand the color line at all. These 3 color choices do not surprise me. I imagine that these were probably their biggest sellers. I am slightly surprised that they are starting back with 3 colors. But it’s a good thing as I would gamble that the large majority of disco pant fans already have black and perhaps never got around to delving into the other color offerings.

As I write this I noticed that you can really only purchase them in black size small or medium at the moment. Charcoal and midnight are not available yet, but you can enter your email to be notified when it is. So I’ll pick up a pair in medium tonight and wait for the other colors to become available. Why would I continue to buy these if I’m not completely gung-ho about the style? Because they look so nice. And maybe someday I’ll get over my hesitation to wear leggings-style disco pants. And also for a third reason which if you keep reading ahead you will see.

So that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say about AA disco pants. They are available now for purchase although some colors and sizes not immediately. I had written about this a few months ago. I just didn’t have an exact date when AA would have its online presence up and running again. Thanks to the reader, “Disco Jeans Wearer”, who left me a comment with the great news.

Next up is my Chinese disco pants project. I took the pants to the cleaners today to have modded. The wonderful news here is that I was told they could do the job. I was really excited about that. At first I was a little concerned because only an older woman to whom English is a second language was there and I was explaining everything to her. She seemed to understand but I felt a lot better after the younger, better-versed-in English woman walked in and immediately came over to look at the project.  I asked her if it was doable and she said yes. I left my black Jonden pair with them as a sample because it seemed to match the length of the Chinese pairs best. The older lady had said I didn’t need to leave the sample pair there but the younger one said to leave it. I am really glad she walked in when she did. So I left the Jonden; a tight-fitting pair of black Chinese disco pants; extra material in the form of 2 sets of lower legs that I had left over from the 2 shorts I made; a skintight royal blue pair of Chinese disco pants; a loose-fitting pair of royal blue Chinese disco pants which I told them to use for material; and that first pair of shorts I made from that pair of Chinese pants which had a popped out button and broken zipper. I asked them to replace the button and zipper and make a one inch hem on the legs. I tried those shorts on last night and they were much longer than the pair I’ve been wearing this summer. A one-inch hem should fix that up a bit. I’m not sure how much it will cost to get each pant fixed but the 3 items will cost $82 altogether. Not too bad. I will have to wait until Friday though which may be a reason the price is pretty low. I know Friday will be here before we realize it so it’s not a problem. I just hope the pants come out looking really good. I will have something really nice here with these pants if they match my imagination. I tried the skintight royal blue pair on last night and I was just wowed. I though how amazing they would be with a slim/straight cut on my lower legs vs. the super skinny look. Oh, I almost forgot–they didn’t make me try on the pants at the store for which I was relieved. Because while I was there two men came in to pick something up, I suppose, and it would have been embarrassing to be trying on those disco ‘leggings’ in their presence. And there were no other customers there at the time so I had the seamstresses’ attention exclusively.

Onto the next story: I received order #4 of Chinese disco pants today. This is the one where I bought 2 pairs each of grey and wine-colored in XL and large. I have not tried them on yet. Just looking at them in their packaging the wine is a very deep and rich color. I can’t tell how those two will fit at this point. However, as I look at the grey pairs the large feels quite light and leads me to believe it actually fit more like a small or medium, while the XL is heavy and I suspect it is going to be another loose pair. It is too bad because this is a color I’d like to have modded into a straight leg pair. But I can’t keep buying these and hoping that one or two happen to fit ideally on me. The good news is that now that AA disco pants are becoming available again, I can somewhere down the line buy a few pairs of them and have one or two modded into the vintage style fit. And this is precisely another reason I plan to continue to buy AA disco pants, as mentioned above. They would make for a much higher quality disco pant and I absolutely love this charcoal color. In my disco pants searches of the last 5 years I have not come across any vintage pairs in this color. The few I have seen all have that bluish tint to them. While a great color it’s not a go-with-all type tint as the pure grey charcoal is. Yes, it would pain me to cut up a perfectly, new pair of AA disco pants. But if that’s the only way I can get a classic fit pair of spandex disco jeans in real grey, I’ll do it! It’s not like the rest of the pants would go to waste. I would wear the one that was cut as shorts!  So I would have to buy 4 pairs in charcoal and I would end up with 2 straight leg disco jeans and 2 disco pant cutoff shorts. Or I could just have one pair made in whichever size fits me better. At this point I would go with medium.

In other news, I paid for the unique pare of spandex disco jeans I wrote about yesterday. Now I just have to wait for them to arrive. I am super excited about them too. This pair is coming from outside the borders so I don’t know how long I will have to wait for them. I think they will be great!

And finally, I did wear disco pants today again. That’s 3 out of 4 days. Not the first time I did this but it felt good. I wore my midnight Le’Gambi size 6 with an orange checked button shirt and white Converse. I feel this shirt is a bit small looking on me so I might limit how much I wear it for the rest of the season. I do like that it is cut straight across with the side vents and is a little short. But it also looks a bit tight on me and I don’t really need anything to emphasize my larger upper body. I don’t like anything too tight or too loose on top. And too bad for me, I don’t have any that fit exactly like I want. Until I loose some weight I probably won’t find any. Maybe I should just go back to t-shirts. Anyway, while in my disco pants I went to the cleaners, KMart, a Family Dollar store and a local bakery. It was a little warm today and the high temp was 77° or so. The rest of the week is forecast to be in the 80’s so I may have to go back to wearing disco cutoff shorts. But we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it.

Later on tonight I will try on my new Chinese disco pants and I write about how they fit in my next post!


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2 Responses to AA Disco Pants Are Back!!!

  1. Disco Jeans Wearer says:

    I wear my AA Disco Pants out all the time. I don’t have the vintage collection that I use to. I could never fit in the Medium, so my sizes are the Large and XL. The large fit skin tight and are my favorite feel and fit, the XLs are just tight. I too am hoping for some other colors. I need the navy and charcoal in size large.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      That’s great! They are so fun to wear. Hopefully they will bring back some of the other cool colors. I prefer the skin tight feel myself.

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