Another Chinese Disco Pant Review

I was not able to try on all 4 new pairs of Chinese disco pants last night. I finished that task this evening. Let me tell you how they fit.

First I tried the XL grey. My initial suspicion that this pair would fit overly large and loose panned out. So all I really need to say is that they fit awful. No fun at all. Okay, they are still form-fitting enough to show your shape, but chalk that up more to the nature of spandex. No one would call that pair of pants skintight on me if I were wearing them. I would say they fit looser than a pair of XL AA disco pants. That makes 2 loose fitting grey pairs now.

Second, I tried the large grey. A world of difference between the two. Mind you, they are just one size apart from each other yet they fit like night and day. This one fit more like a medium AA pair. I can’t help but wonder if these things are being packed helter-skelter into the wrong size-marked bags/packaging. But that’s not the case because many of these pants have size tags on them. And their size tags match the size on the bags. Anyway, I am kind of in love with this grey pair in large. I have a large grey from an order I placed in 2015 and at that time I had noticed how much they were cut and fit differently from the large blacks. This new pair is probably the same as the 2015 one but I am really into this one. Yes, they are a skintight fit. But they’re also a bit shorter on me than any other color of Chinese disco pants I have. At first I was bothered by this. But as time went on I came to like it. When I pair them with low top Converse they’re not long enough to reach down so they show a little skin. They’re almost like cropped pants. And it’s not a bad thing because it’s in style nowadays for women to wear cropped pants and for guys to roll up their hems and show some lower leg. Since I wear ankle socks/no-show socks the pants fall right around or just above my ankles and so it reveals some skin. It’s a bit of a different look and I think it’s even sexy. I’m still not sure I would wear something like this in public but I feel that everyday I’m getting closer and closer to doing it. Here’s a photo:


I would totally wear them like that. The hesitation I have in wearing them is the fact they are leggings style or super skinny if you will. Not because they’re short. Additionally, if you look at the new pics of disco pants on AA’s website you’ll see that their pants fit short on the model as well:


They’re about as short on her as mine are on me.

Check out the midnight pair:


Again, a bit short.

Now on the charcoal pair the legs come down as far as possible. Take a peek:


So I guess it all depends on how much women pull up on these pants when they put them on. I know for a fact that AA disco pants are long enough for most women since they are sufficient for my long legs since I am quite tall.

Regardless, I think the grey Chinese pair pictured above is totally fine for me to wear. And with that little cropped look it’s perfect for summer.

Third, I tried on the XL pair of wine-colored pants. It is a beautiful color. I want to say it is similar to AA’s cranberry red pair but it is just slightly darker and does remind one of wine more than AA’s. The pair fit skintight and I would compare it to AA’s disco pant in medium. Great color, great fit. Absolutely love it.

Fourth and finally, I tried the large pair of wine pants. This one was definitely more of a struggle to get on. If the XL pair was skintight this one was skintighter. Is that even a word? But you know what I mean. Its fit was comparable to AA’s small. There was only so much I could pull up from the lower leg to get the pants on. These were painted on from waist to hem. AND you could feel the pressure of this pair squeezing you tight. So this one looked and felt great on. And there were no issues with length on either wine pair. If AA should not bring back their cranberry color I will most likely have a pair of these in XL modded into the vintage cut spandex disco pants.

So that’s the review. Three out of four pairs being great is not a bad deal. Highly recommend the colors. Sizing again is inconsistent but I guess that is the compromise we make for the super cheap prices.

It’s super late here now so I’ll call it a night.



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