Custom-Altered Chinese Disco Pants

Yeseterday, I received my first American Apparel order since they returned online again. I ordered a pair of black disco pants–which is still the only color they are offering–and a navy sweatshirt. Those two items make for a great combination!

The disco pants look just like the ones from before. I see no difference. No styling difference, no material difference. However, I ordered a medium and they fit noticeably looser than my very first medium pair from back in 2008. And all my medium AA disco pants for that matter. When I ordered I was concerned medium would be really tight. But now I’m sure I can get a small and it would give me the perfect skintight fit! So next month I will get a small.

Ever since I tried that grey Chinese pair that fits a bit short on me I became enamored with the semi-cropped look. It has the feature of breaking up the painted-on look from waist to ankles and I think it looks even more attractive. I tried it with the AA pants I received yesterday and it looks great regardless of the color. I wouldn’t do this with the straight leg fit disco pants though. This is something that only works with the super skinny ones. I’m not sure I would quiet yet wear them in public like this. But if I had to wear a pair of these super skinny (or spray on) disco pants out I think I would roll up the hems a bit. It’s a great look and feel for summer! I so want to wear them but I’m not quite up for it yet.

Also, a few days ago I received my fifth and final order of disco pants from China. This pack featured a white, a black, 2 navy and 2 royal. Their fits were as follows:

  • white L: skintight
  • black L: haven’t tried yet but I suspect skintight
  • navy L 1: skintight
  • navy L 2: haven’t tried yet but it’s same size as navy 1
  • royal L: haven’t tried yet but I suspect skintight
  • royal XL: haven’t tried yet but they look awfully large

Mind you, this royal XL is from the same seller I previously bought the other royal XL which fit skintight. Such a shame about the disparities!

That aside, the winner of this pack was the white. It is such a bright white, unlike the more antique or pearl whites of vintage and AA spandex pants. And the fit was perfect! I took tons of photos and fell in love while wearing these that I didn’t have time to take pics of the other pairs! And these are long enough to reach my ankles but I rolled them up anyway for an even greater look.

The second winner of this order was the navy. I got the fit I wanted in this color and am completely satisfied with them. The color is great and they are silky smooth.

I’m not too conerned about the two royals and one black for now though I will try them on whenever I get the chance.

In other big news I picked up my disco pants alterations on Saturday and they really came out great. The work was done exactly as I expected it would. The black pair looks just like any of my straight leg cut spandex jeans. And being black, you can’t even see the extra V-shaped material that was added on the lower leg. So no one’s the wiser! The royal blue pair also turned out amazing. I am thinking I will have another 3 or 4 pairs made max. I really want a pair in the navy color so I can rotate between it and the black, the two colors which I will likely wear most. And then one in the wine red color since I don’t have any in that shade. One in white because it’s such a glorious white. Yes, it still has see-through tendencies. But it’s beautiful nonetheless. And I want one in AA’s charcoal color. That one will be the most expensive since I have to buy two pairs at $68 each and then pay another $40 to have the pants altered and then another smaller fee to have the second pair hemmed into shorts. With tax and all we’re talking nearly $200. Is it worth it to have a pair of true gray, skintight, shiny spandex jeans and an equally gray, skintight & shiny pair of disco cutoff shorts? I definitely think so! I’m sure they would last me quite a long time.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to get the charcoal pants done. AA still does not have them for sale. I signed up to be notified when they are. And when they do become available, I am not certain what size I should get. I have a charcoal pair from a few years ago in size medium which fits perfectly. Will the new charcoal in medium fit the same? I am content with the fit of the pair I receieved yesterday, but I would not use them as a pair to get altered. I would want a tighter fit. So I might have to spend extra money in order to get just the right size.

That’s all for now.

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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