Spandex Disco Pants in ‘Lovelines’ (1984)

There is a movie from 1984 called “Lovelines” and it’s really bad. It’s about some rival high schools with all the main students being played by actors way past high school age. I know that’s a pretty typical thing with Hollywood. I’m sure we all remember Luke Perry from Bevery Hills 90210. So it’s nothing new. But the movie is just terrible unless you’re into ‘teen’ romance flicks that feature really attractive 20-somethings. Or unless you’re into spandex disco jeans since there is a character, Cynthia, played by actress Stacey Toten who wears a few different pairs in the movie. Unfortunately, she played the role of a dumb and bad girl. More dumb than bad. It is a comedy after all so you’re not going to really, really bad anyone. The only really bad thing I saw her do was take some photos hidden in another girl’s undergarment and show them to someone in order to start trouble. One of the other characters referred to her as a ‘skank’. She was a bit of an airhead whose only interests were a muscle-bound guy and–thank goodness for this–clothing, particularly shiny disco pants.

Twelve minutes into the move we are awarded with some really great shots of her in gold disco pants. We don’t get to see her this well in gold pants for the rest of the movie. But later on in a movie theatre someone drops a hot dog with mustard from a balcony above her and it falls on her pants and dirties them. That made me both angry and sad! The pants fit her so well and she looked so good in them. By the way, she was 21 at the time of the movie and extremely attractive.

A little while later she is seen wearing shiny black spandex jeans while walking a doberman around. Those scenes are outdoors so we get to see a good amount of shine on her pants. Later we see her inside the school and then inside a house. At the end of the movie she is back in gold disco pants and working with some of the other girls on some posters or something on the floor.

A few interesting things I want to point out:

-While talking to some other girls, Cynthia says that she was very angry at the guy who dropped the hot dog on her and ruined her outfit. One of the girls responds sarcastically by saying, “Well, yeah, that was such a bitchin’ outfit you were wearing.” (She was wearing gold spandex jeans & a tiger-print top.) A clueless Cynthia does not realize the sarcasm and responds with a whole-hearted “Thanks!’ So we can deduce that this other girl either did not like spandex disco jeans or it was out of style by that point. As ridiculous as it seems, we have to keep in mind that Cynthia was a high school student and perhaps it was not seen as appropriate wear for school. Whatever.

-During that same exchange from above, Cynthia mentions that she went through the wardrobe of another girl and found nothing she wouldn’t ‘be caught dead in’ and added “she doesn’t even have any metallic pants!” I was intrigued by the fact that she called disco pants ‘metallic pants.’ I’m going to actually use that term myself on occasion.

-If you look at the photos here, you’ll notice that Cynthia always wore sweaters with her spandex jeans. Not only do I think that is a great look and one of my personal favorite combinations to wear, but she looks incredibly sexy without wearing anything skimpy. The new wave of disco pants style spurred on by American Apparel featured girls and younger women nearly baring their souls out there. As I wrote before (in a post titled “Disco Pants Don’t Need Any Help”) disco pants are intriguing and sexy enough that skimping up on the upper body doesn’t add anything to them but can actually take away from them and even the person wearing them. Show me a girl wearing a well-fitting sweatshirt or hoodie and disco pants and another wearing disco pants and a crop-top and I’ll prefer the one in the sweatshirt/hoodie. Or t-shirt. It’s not that they don’t look attractive in their crop-tops and disco pants, but there really is no reason to put themselves fully on display like that. That’s just me though. I’m not into the idea of showing a lot of skin.

So that’s what I got from this movie. Would not normally watch anything like this except for the fact that I found out a while ago there were spandex jeans in it. I’ll end this post with some stills of the character Cynthia.


That last image made me angry to see those awesome gold disco pants get destroyed by mustard from a hot dog!


And there she is in a very classy pink sweater and black disco jeans look.

The movie sucks but it’s worth watching just for Cynthia and her ‘metallic pants.’


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15 Responses to Spandex Disco Pants in ‘Lovelines’ (1984)

  1. DiscoJeansWearer says:

    Hey there, I just saw the Hart to Hart episode “Rhinestone Harts”. It’s about a country singer whose manager is smuggling diamonds in her costumes. So many great shots of spandex disco pants. They have been bedazzled, but you can tell they are SDJ. One outfit is extremely sexy with the zipper up the back.

  2. Russ says:

    Awesome stills. Is this movie available by download, or DVD? Or did you manage to catch it on television somewhere?

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Thanks! The movie is on YouTube. You can download it there. Ever seen this movie?

      • Russ says:

        No I haven’t. I never even heard of this movie until this last blog post. It doesn’t look like a thought-provoking film. But if it has a sexy woman in spandex disco jeans, then I’ll certainly get some enjoyment out of watching it. I just hope it’s better than Roadie was. Seeing Kaki Hunter in SDJs was the ONLY good part of that flick.

      • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

        It’s basically a romance flick. Not my thing. I’ve condensed it down to the approximately 5 minutes of sdj scenes and plan to upload to YouTube.

  3. Jay D. says:

    There’s also a scene in the 1981 film “Polyester” where a girl is wearing bright red disco pants.

  4. skippy says:

    Hey there, So this post got me searching out more disco pants on T.V as I’ve done for years ,And I’ve got pretty good at it.Two things to keep in mind. 1980 and country music = disco pants,So check out these two episodes of The mandrell sisters show,The one with Ray stevens is a treat because they are in disco pants for about 7 min in the beginning and the one with ernie ford and bowzer fast forward to 19:38,Love those blue pants! If you find more of the sisters in disco pants let me know as there are more episodes from that year.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hey Skippy,
      Thanks for the yeomna’s work of searching out these videos. Most video uploaders don’t share our passion for disco pants so they don’t put in those ‘disco pants’ tags that would make life a lot easier for us. Anyway, the first link you posted is to an account that has been shut down so I didn’t get to see that one. The 2nd one–all I can say is WOW! I’ll download that one and re-upload just the segments with disco pants. Thans for that!!

      • skippy says:

        That’s weird it was taken down, Thank god I saved the video, Its one of the best one’s.You have to see it.If you can figure out a way of me getting it to you let me know

  5. skippy says:

    Well it seems I found more from the Mandrell’s,This time its some bad Disco era club show,Which means more Disco pants of course,Good for us!
    In the beginning of the show Louise is wearing not disco pants but something similar,still sexy though.

    But her sister Barbara sports the Blue Disco pants at 1:01:38 Not skintight but still sexy,Then Louise sports the black Disco pants at 1:23:04, I still remember as a kid watching those bad country Music shows on TV as we didn’t have much choice with no cable,But those disco pants are etched in my brain as many wore them especially in country music in around 1980,When I get time I will try to search out more.

  6. skippy says:

    Wow! is all can say for this clip.

    • Russ says:

      Awesome clip. Anything with Sister Sledge in it is great, but the videos of the four of them wearing SDJs is pure ecstasy. Beautiful black women in red disco pants is just mind blowing, for me anyway.

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