Bad Aliexpress Seller

Remember that one order from Aliexpress that I wrote about where there was one disco pant I was waiting to arrive? Well it never did come and the seller will not make any amends for it now. My mistake was allowing the delivery time window to expire before opening a dispute. So now I cannot open a dispute and the seller feels no obligation to either refund my money or send another pair. I know it’s only $9 but it’s the principle of the matter.

This particular seller is called “Myrons Store” and I recommend that none of you purchase from them. They don’t sell disco pants anymore–wonder why–so none of the readers of this blog might ever buy from them anyway. But just as a service to you I provide this information and once again I suggest you do not buy from them.

My suspicions only grew over time with this seller. Initially I was informed when my order was shipped that it was coming in two separate packages. Why I don’t know. The black pair was supposedly shipped separately from the other 5 pairs ordered. Those I did receive came in 15 days after ordering.

I stayed in contact with the seller regarding the black pair and was assured it was sent and it would be arriving shortly. They even extended the time window for that pair so I wouldn’t file a dispute. So I took them at their word and kept waiting. I had a lot of other things going on with disco pants during that time so it slipped my mind to remain aware of the deadline date. And once you are past that date and don’t file a dispute, they don’t feel they need to communicate with you anymore, as has been the case with the last two messages I sent them.

So I guess it’s water under the bridge as they say. Fortunately it was only $9 but I could have resold them for more. For now I’m pretty much done buying these pants on Aliexpress, not because I don’t trust the seller but because I pretty much have what I want. At this time it appears that there are not as many sellers of disco pants on there as when I was placing all those orders this summer. But one store I really recommend is Yomsong Store A. They have pretty much every color you need and still under $10. On second thought, I may be a few more!

There is another good store called Steven Clothes Store. This one is selling them for less than $9 each. I recommend both of these stores as I have purchased from both. Just keep in mind that even though these are good sellers with great prices, the pants still have the sizing disparity, at least in the XL sizing. You will probably get a lot more consistency in sizing if you go with large, as I have been fully pleased with all my large pairs. Yes, I still think they are a bit tight for large but I’d rather have them tighter than looser.

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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2 Responses to Bad Aliexpress Seller

  1. dorian gray says:

    I found a pair disco pants at a record and thrift store yesterday for $1.99!!! They’re probably American Apparel (mediums) but, the label was removed and they had been tailored to fit a girl with a small waist an a bigger booty. I wish I had met the original owner, LOL!!!

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