American Apparel Offering More & More Colors of Disco Pants

The year I started wearing spandex disco pants was 2012. I had 29 wearings that year, mostly to the same locale. This year I am currently at 27 wearings and it’s safe to say I will exceed the 2012 total. I don’t intend to just barely exceed it but leave it smoking in the rearview mirror. Now I know it’s already late in the year and the weather can always take a turn for the worst. But I’m going to go for 35 total for the year. It doesn’t sound like much but I’m also trying to be realistic. I never did get around to that 2 or 3 wearings per week I was planning and if it gets really cold I am certain that will not happen. So 35 is a good number to shoot for though I’ll be completely satisfied with 32.

Good news is I have lost some weight so some of the disco pants and skinny jeans that used to kill my waist are now a lot more comfortable. I have been wearing some of the skinniest and/or tightest pants I have lately. Still have a few I am hesitant to wear out due to their being so tight or skinny or being women’s. I have a pair of Levi’s 510 I bought at a thrift store earlier this year which are very tight and very nicely worn in. They are a little short however so I can only wear them with Converse high tops or Dr. Martens boots. But everyone is wearing cropped pants now, right? Maybe not such a good idea in the cold. I have worn this jean once only. Need to make better use of them.

Also have some new Lucky Brand skinny jeans which are quite tight as well. I bought this brand of jeans 10 years ago but all were straight (read: loose) bootcut and button-fly and I hated them all! Just recently while at a Burlington clothing store I found a pair of their Rebel super skinny jean which I was impressed with. That pair turned out to be too small for me so I went online and bought a larger one. Also ordered a few directly from Lucky. They are very nice and I am quite happy with them. A few of them are smaller than my normal size because this is a jean they no longer make so I had to settle for whatever was still available. So some are very, very tight and that’s how I like them. Now I just have to wear them out.

Lately I have been wearing mainly Levi’s 519, 510, Cheap Monday, Nudie Jeans & Calvin Klein. Occasionally some American Eagle. Cheap Monday’s are absolutely great in terms of fit and look. I have a pair in “Dark Unwash” which I purchased 10 years ago from Urban Outfitters and have only occasionally worn up to last year because I thought they looked so tight on me. But ever since fall arrived this year I have been wearing them at least once a week. Totally love them. I would not travel anywhere far without them! Recently happened to find a used pair at a thrift store. For whatever reason Cheap Monday has a low resale price at thrift stores–about $5–so I quickly picked this one up. It has some nice light fading  and is two sizes smaller than mine. I still managed to squeeze into them but they look like jeggings on me. Love them anyway!

Also picked up a few pairs of Dr. Denim shiny, super skinny women’s jeans. Haven’t quite yet worn these out due to their very skinny nature all the way down to the ankles. They are even tighter down there than the Levi’s 519 I frequently wear. I wish they made them in a slightly wider hem version. They are great looking pants. Look like leather when they’re on. Very comfortable too.

And of course, I have an old favorite, the Bettina Liano Ace High skinny jean which I have only worn out once. Even after all this time I still that pair. They continue to fit albeit tight as ever! This particular model is getting harder to find, even on ebay. There are several on ebay at the moment but since most are in Australia you will pay a pretty penny for shipping from there. So I won’t be parting with it anytime soon, probably ever!

In terms of goals for the remainder of the year I’d like to wear a different color of spandex disco jeans. At least one. As you know I’ve been wearing mostly black and midnight navy and hunter green once. But the one I really want to wear is the steel blue. Also waiting on having my AA brown and charcoal pairs made. Those are 2 colors I really want to wear also.

Speaking of AA their website has new colors of their disco pant! This includes royal blue, menthe, red, deep peacock and ivory. Just like the charcoal not all these colors are immediately available, but menthe and deep peacock are. I went ahead and ordered myself a menthe in medium. I still need to get that black in small though! But this is a very good sign that disco pants are “back” as some fickle fashionistas might say. I’m just hoping they bring back the brown and the cranberry red.

Will I buy all the other colors? I should but I fear I would never wear most unless I continue to lose weight and feel absolutely confident in them. And I have no one telling me not to wear them. I guess that’s one of the advantages of being single. I believe most women want to dress up their guys and forbid them to wear certain things. That’s fine if a guy wants to dress like a slob. But if a guy has a unique, personal style his significant other should encourage and support that in him. If any of you have S.O.’s that support your disco pants style consider yourselves fortunate. I don’t think anything would bring me more joy than to have a lovely female partner who loves to wear disco pants and loves me to wear them, too!

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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