More Disco Pants While Thrifting & On The Goldbergs

Yesterday while thrifting I found a dark green pair of American Apparel disco pants. It was only $5 plus I got a 25% discount so can’t beat that! Only problem was the crotch area was pretty worn and there were many spandex fibers sticking out. I wasn’t sure I should buy the pants because of the heavy wear but finally I decided to do so. My plans for them weren’t clear and ranged from using them as extra material for a future project or reselling them on ebay. Did I mention they were a size small? For those reasons I was certain they were not going to suit me in any way. But in the evening I tried them on and voila! Not only did they fit but the wear on the crotch was not visible to me and probably anyone else who might have seen me in them. So I’m pretty happy with them. I took dozens of pics and am thrilled they fit skintight and look great!

This is the second pair of AA disco pants I have found in thrift stores.

I just saw an episode of “Friends”–the very last episode of 1999–called “The One With the Routine” (season 10, episode 6). It featured some of the cast dancing on The American Bandstand show and there was a female dancer there wearing skintight, shiny, neon green pants. They were clearly not what we would call spandex disco pants/jeans, but they were certainly spandex and had the same kind of fit and shine. These had belt loops, front pockets (probably faux) and no back pockets. They looked really good. Here are a few blurry stills I found online of them:

sybil azur friends 2

sybil azur friends

I think the pants look great. The actress is Sybil Azur and she was 27 in the photos. She is now 45! Amazing how time slips on by.

Also recently I caught that episode of “The Goldbergs” again where the Goldberg kids hold a party in their house and there are two shots of a girl wearing red spandex jeans. The first shot is a great front-on view while the second is a smaller, off-to-the-side view. Definitely worth seeing the episode though. Additionally, I have seen yet another episode of this show (“Agassi,” season 4 episode 13) where one of the main characters–Erica Goldberg played by Hayley Orrantia–is entering the high school gym wearing black disco pants for an evening of disco dancing. The episode is from 2017 and the pants are clearly American Apparel disco pants. There are plenty of shots of Erica dancing but mostly above her waist. So we only get to see her disco pants when she first enters the gym and then a final shot from above as the scene fades out. Here are the stills from that part of the show I was lucky enough to find online:


There she is entering the gym. And…..


there she is in the middle with her back towards us.

So there have been at least 3 instances now of spandex disco pants on this television show. Mind you this show is only in it’s fifth season now. Again it may be worth picking up this show on dvd. It is pretty funny and the characters tend to be rather cartoonish.

Not too long ago I picked up season 2 of “Magnum P.I.” on dvd and I’m hoping to find an episode or 12 with disco pants in them. Wish me luck!

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