AA Disco Pants Debut to Wrap Up the Year?

I have one more spandex disco pants wearing to go for this year in order to make 2017 my record year. And only 3 days to go. Wouldn’t it be great if not only did I set that record but I set another at the same time? Yes, it would and so I’m strongly considering–call it planning even–to make my American Apparel disco pants public debut tomorrow!

It is extremely cold here lately. Teens and single digit high temps. Tomorrow will be no different. But tomorrow is my thrift store day and what better place to debut my AA disco pants at? It would be great to end 2017 with a bang!

So which one will I wear? Most likely my 2-tone black/pearl pair. Since it is so cold I will have to wear my Under Armour tights underneath. Yes, that means some of the seams will be seen under the disco pants, but I have already checked it out and it’s nothing too bad. If anything people will probably be more surprised to see me in those pants than they will by any seams visibly looming under the shiny, tight nylon and spandex material. The seams only show up in the pearl area anyway so it’s no biggie.

Since it’s been so frigid I’ve had to pull out my Ugg-like tall boots. And really the main reason I am favoring wearing the AA pants is because they will be tucked inside those boots for most of my lower legs. And with the longer puffer jacket I’ll be wearing there’s actually quite a small section of my disco-pants-clad legs that will be visible. So it’s actually a good way to debut them if one is a bit more self-conscious.

Last night I did compare the look of classic disco pants tucked into my boots vs. the AA pants tucked in. While the AA pants remain skintight on my legs going into the boots, the classic fit pants tend to loosen up right around the knees. So a keen observer may be able to tell which kind I’m wearing. But it would really take a serious fan of spandex pants to know.

I’ve said it before but what I find particularly attractive about these 2-tone disco pants is the sporty look they seem to offer. That alone makes them easier to wear from a male perspective. Someone who observes them from a distance might mistake them for being a pair of adidas tights or slim track pants. Also, they’re so much more comfortable than wearing jeans over my Under Armour tights.

Now I have to be realistic when I admit there’s a chance I will get cold feet tomorrow and not wear them. Even if that should happen I will at the very least wear one of my Le’Gambi pants. But there is another consideration: I tried on my Dr. Denim leather-like jeans with the same boots and jacket and I really like how they look, too. Also stretchier and more comfortable than regular jeans. Besides that, jeans aren’t all that warm anyway.

So the priority list for tomorrow will be:
1. AA 2-tone disco pant
2. Le’Gambi spandex jeans
3. Dr. Denim leather-like jeans

It will be slightly warmer tomorrow but I don’t expect much sunshine as snow is forecast in the early afternoon.

I will probably try on those outfits again later on today so I can make my decision final. I am also curious to see how it feels to wear these Under Armour tights under disco pants. Will my legs be warmer? If so, I won’t have to wait till spring to wear spandex jeans on a regular basis. Also I just may be able to make some good use this winter of all these AA disco pants I have!

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