I Wore AA Disco Pants Today For the First Time!

I’m very glad to say that today, for the first time ever in the 9 years of their existence, I wore American Apparel disco pants out in public. Not only that, but in case you didn’t read my last post, today’s wearing of disco pants was my record-setting 30th of the year which beats 2012 as the year with the most wearings. Two milestones in one day!

Of the two milestones I can’t help but be more enthralled with the AA disco pants debut. As planned I did wear the two-tone pair, and I wore them with my tall, black Ugg-like boots and a slightly longer black puffer jacket.

I went to two stores in them–my favorite local thrift store and then off to a large retail discount store, Burlington. It was a cold and gray day and later started to snow. No sunshine today.

So I went about my business of shopping and I didn’t really stop to notice any observations of me. Undoubtedly people noticed the skintight, shiny spandex pants on me along with the tall sheepskin boots. But I wasn’t looking for any attention or approval. I needed to be in my AA disco pants today and that’s all that mattered. Even if only 50% percent of the pants were actually visible to anyone including myself. It just felt right being in them and I tried catching glimpses of myself in mirrors without being too obvious.

So two major accomplishments in one day. There is a very important third aspect of today’s feat. I discovered that I can (and will) wear spandex jeans when it’s frigid cold outside. I wasn’t bothered by it leg-wise. I had my Under Armour tights on underneath and felt warm enough. Of course, my walking in the 15 degree weather was limited to going from the car to the store and back. If I had to spend significant amounts of time being outdoors perhaps the cold may have affected my legs. But the good news is that I spend very little time doing anything outdoors in this weather. So wearing disco pants in this weather is a very real option for me now. In fact, should I happen to go anywhere on Sunday, New Year’s Eve, I will wear a pair of disco pants!

Today just keeps getting better and better. While at the thrift store my radar eyes caught sight of a pair of midnight navy AA disco pants hanging there among all sorts of other kinds of women’s pants. I quickly snatched them up. They seem to be in pretty good shape–much better than the green one I found recently. This one also is a small and I’m hoping to try it on later.

Also today I received a brand new pair of H&M Divided disco pants in dark grey. It’s a small also and I hope to fit in it. This is my very first H&M disco pant so I have no experience with this brand’s sizing. But it is an incredible-looking pair. Very shiny, faux front pockets and belt loops give it a unique touch. I believe I once had a pair of H&M disco pants before but it had no back pockets. This one does.

Today I also received a brand new pair of Ugg-like boots. The one I already had is a tall in black. The new one is a short in chocolate. I really like this color and they will look great with disco pants.

In other news I have noticed that AA has eliminated the option of charcoal disco pants from its website. I would have imagined that was an in-demand color and now it is gone altogether. Hopefully they will bring it back. I still want to have a pair in that color modified. That is a great color.

I guess I could say today was a superb day. Between setting a new record and wearing AA disco pants and finding a pair while thrifting and getting a new one in the mail and receiving some new boots and other shoes, what more could I ask for? Maybe I’ll even win the lottery today!

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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