Size Small Disco Pants A Perfect Fit!

I tried on my brand new H&M Divided size-small disco pants last night and they fit! The lower legs are super tight and I don’t believe I have ever tried on a pair of disco pants that required as much effort to pull them through my lower legs as these. Very little side-to-side stretch in that area. That’s is one difference I have noted between these and AA’s disco pants. Beyond that however, the I got the pants up and on and fastened so I was thrilled. They are super shiny and tight, and with their belt loops, small rivets and faux front pockets they do resemble a pair of jeans (or jeggings if you will). Only problem is that right below the zipper the seam started coming apart. I don’t know if that was already unstitched before I put them on or if it happened as a result of my wearing them. Either way it’s an easy fix. I am very happy with them and I will be looking around for a pair in black.

Also, I tried on the midnight navy AA disco pants I bought at the thrift store yesterday and they fit, too! A size small as well. This is the 2nd pair of AA disco pants in small that I have now been able to fit into. I remember not being able to get this kind of pants in small through my lower legs. Maybe these fit because they are pre-worn and have stretched a little. I’m just pleased that I now have two pairs of AA disco pants in small that I can fit into and didn’t cost a great deal.

Thinking a bit more about wearing those 2-tone AA disco pants yesterday……it was really enjoyable and I was pretty confident in them. I’m looking forward to the next time I wear them. Due to their leggings-like nature I feel they have an even more casual edge that the classic-cut disco pants don’t necessarily have. As I wrote in the past, I wouldn’t exactly put on my Le’Gambi spandex jeans just to go fill up on gas or make a trip to the post office. Yet with the AA disco pants, I feel I could do that. They’re basically leggings and leggings have become the epitome of casual clothing (for women at least). But I would feel totally comfortable and justified in putting on some AA disco pants to go get gas or drop off a package at the post office. So I have come to believe that, if not during the remainder of the year, I can totally wear AA disco pants with my tall Ugg-like boots during the winter season and be fine with it.

The next things to consider are:
1. Will I wear my other colors of AA disco pants?
2. Will I wear some of my other, shorter jackets with them?

I now have black, charcoal, brown, 2-tone black/pearl, purple, caramel, menthe, dark green & midnight navy AA disco pants. Will I wear all these colors this winter? If I am completely honest I have to say no. But I can see myself wearing the solid black and the charcoal ones. Midnight navy as well. But even though I mentioned earlier that I can fit into those size small midnight navy pants, I don’t think I can fit into them wearing Under Armour underneath. So I’d probably have to get a medium. I could probably also wear the brown one but since it is my only brown pair and it’s a hard color to find I may want to preserve them. Same is true with the charcoal. So I may just stick with wearing the two-tone and the solid black this winter. I’ll certainly look around for an inexpensive new or perhaps even a pre-owned pair. Not on eBay though. There is some serious price gouging on AA disco pants going on there!

This is certainly not to say that I will not be wearing any of my classic-fit spandex jeans this winter. In fact, with the new boots I received yesterday and an Uggs pair I bought last year, I have more options to pair them with. These two shorter boots will go better with the vintage style disco pants, while the tall boots will go great with the AA disco pants.

As far as wearing some of my shorter puffer jackets with the AA pants, yes, I think I should and I will. But I’ll admit I feel more comfortable with the longer jacket. But no progress is ever made if we just stay in our comfort zones, eh? I accomplished a lot in terms of disco pants in 2017 and it would not have happened had I just stayed in my comfort zone. By the way, I have several colors of puffer jackets as well, including, several in black, navy, gray and red/black. So I can create some nice pairings.

I like to live in the moment (and in the past) so I’m not crazy about trying to set goals. But I would like to make 2018 the best year yet in terms of disco pants. I’ll be staring off the year with my new look and new-found confidence so I think disco pants will play a large part for me. Thus, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect about 4-6 wearings per month when it’s not too hot. My two best months were October of ’12 and May of ’17 with 6 wearings each. So I’m aiming for at least 4 wearings per month up to a potential of 2 wearings per week. I believe those are very reasonable expectations. I will even try to start the year off right as I strive for 6 wearings in January. That month and February are dreadful months around here so doing this would bring a little pleasure into the dark of winter.

I may go out tomorrow but I’m not sure. Will I wear disco pants if I do? Again, not sure. If I do I may grab a vintage pair of black spandex jeans and wear them with my new brown boots. If I were going out for New Year’s celebrations I would definitely wear them. But I have no plans for that so it’s a moot point. I may just go shopping for some groceries for the festivities at night.

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2 Responses to Size Small Disco Pants A Perfect Fit!

  1. DiscoJeans Wearer says:

    I just bought three pairs myself. The new AA Disco Pants don’t seem as soft as the previous versions. Also, they seemed much tighter while putting them on, but once on and zipped they look and feel great.

    Keep posting and going out in your Disco Pants.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      That’s interesting that you say the new ones seem tighter. I’ve had the opposite experience. Maybe I just lost some weight recently. But they definitely look and feel great on!
      Thanks for reading! I will certainly keep going out in mine!!

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