Another Unique Characteristic of H&M Disco Pants

I changed the face of my blog a bit. Made it a little more thematic by adding some of my personal favorite photos. Mainly of the pants. I tried not to include any faces just in case one of the wearers should find themselves on this blog. At the same time though I made my page a little more daunting to look at. You’ll have to be careful if you’re checking this out in some public area. No, there’s not risque here or inappropriate, but if you’re seen reading here others may surely label you as a fetishist or other. I think the background is lovely but I may end up going back to previous one. It makes it a bit more challenging for me as well to write here because I have privacy issues. Anyway, the left and right columns of photos are some really great ones and some of them are even my own!

There was one additional difference between the H&M disco pants and AA’s (as well as the classic straight-leg version) that I failed to mention in my respective post. The wide jean-like seam that is found on the outside leg (outseam) on AA pairs and straight-leg pairs is on the inside leg (inseam) of the H&M spandex pants. And the narrow inseam found on AA and vintage-fit disco pants is the outseam of the H&Ms. Is this important? Not terribly. Even though most of the jeans I own and have owned have featured the narrow seam on the outside leg and the wide seam on the inside leg, I have seen plenty where the reverse was true. I believe the original designers decided to go with the wide seam outwards in order to give spandex disco pants a more jeans-like look. I suppose they thought the narrow seam on the outside legs might give the pants the appearance of being tights. Of course I’m only specualting here.

As far as jeans go, I have always preferred the narrow seam on the outside. I think it makes for a smoother overall look. In the case of disco pants, I’m not bothered by the wide seam on the outside but I would prefer it on the inside leg. When the pants are particularly tight, the wide seam on the outside leg follows the shape of your legs and lower body in a very noticeable manner. In this case I’d prefer having a narrow seam outside which would make it a lot less visible if the pants are extremely tight.

So I really like the design of the H&M disco pants. They have the unique faux front pockets, belt loops, jean-like rivets and narrow outseams. If I were designing my own version of spandex jeans I would really borrow from these ideas. The areas in which I would improve on would be using a nylon/spandex material that is 1. slightly more shiny and 2. more stretchy side-to-side and of course I would make it in a straight-leg version.

About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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2 Responses to Another Unique Characteristic of H&M Disco Pants

  1. Sydney says:

    what, no pics of males wearing them?

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