Fifth Wearing of the Year – Black AA Disco Pants

Yesterday I wore a brand new pair of the old American Apparel disco pant–what I call the originals from before the time they shut down–in black size large. This was a pair I bought a year or two ago on ebay for a pretty good price. I paired them with my Ugg-style tall boots and a black puffer jacket and headed to the mall. This was the fifth wearing of the year and the first for this month of February.

Since it is still very cold here I did wear Under Armour tights under the disco pants. To tell you the truth, though, I didn’t even notice any seam lines underneath them. Maybe because the pants are a size large. But don’t get me wrong–they are still a skintight fit. The main difference between large and medium and small is all in the waist. I can fit into all three of those sizes but the major difference is in how they feel on my waist. Ideally, small gives me the best fit since I prefer disco pants to fit tight as possible. But after some time they start to hurt in the waist. And I’m not sure they would fit over the Under Armour. Medium gives me some more breathing room and is still an exceptional fit, but might also start to hurt in the waist after a few hours. Large is absolutely comfortable in every way possible but is a little loose in the crotch. So for purposes of going out I think large is the utmost in ideal for me though my true love lies with medium.

This is the only pair of AA disco pants I own in large. Most all my other ones are mostly medium and a few small. This includes both the originals and the newer ones. I think it’s safe to say that the new mediums are similar to the old large ones. So once again I am thinking I’d like to get some of the darker colors to wear this winter before I switch over to the straight leg spandex jeans for spring.

One bit of good news is that the color charcoal is back on the AA website as a choice for disco pants. However, when you click on it you’re not able buy that color yet, but at least it has reappeared and it’s just a matter of time before  it will be available. I can’t wait! I have been looking so forward to having a pair of true gray, shiny, spandex jeans to wear. Yes, since I currently have two pairs of the originals in charcoal I could already have had one made for me. But the thought of cutting up either one pains me. Especially the most recent pair I just got earlier this year. I bought them from a girl on whom they looked unbelievably amazing. And then when I put them on they looked amazing on me too. So I think I’ll leave that one as is and modify the brand new pair I bought a few years ago on ebay. Once these new charcoal pairs become available I’ll buy one and use it for the extra material needed to make straight legs out of the original pair. However it’s not like I’m not lamenting buying a new pair just to cut it up. But I will have shorts made out of the new one I buy. Thus in the end I shall have:
1. Charcoal AA disco pant (original)
2. Charcoal AA disco pant (original, modified straight-leg)
3. Charcoal AA disco pant shorts

The cool thing about wearing AA disco pants is that most people who see me probably have no idea what they are. Especially guys. Oh, some girls might wonder, “Is he wearing disco pants?” But most probably wonder if I’m wearing leggings, meggings, tights or some type of exercise gear.

I just had a thought–will AA disco pants be long enough on me to make into straight leg pants? The Chinese ones turned out to be a perfect fit. But that is something I should look into before making all these grand plans!


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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