2018: 10 Year Anniversary of the AA Disco Pant

I just realized with this being 2018 that it’s going to be:

  1. The 10 year anniversary of American Apparel’s disco pant
  2. The 10 year anniversary of me buying my first pair of AA disco pants
  3. The 10 year anniversary of when I started to get really interested and serious about disco pants.

I don’t remember how it is that I first learned about AA disco pants. I’m sure I was searching online for skinny jeans or such and somehow I miraculously came upon them. Remember, I was already familiar with American Apparel, having purchased shirts from them a few years earlier. But my memory fails as to the exact details. Regardless, as soon as I discovered them I ordered a pair. It was Christmas Eve 2008 when I ordered my first ever pair of AA disco pants. It was a medium in black–black is the only color they had them in then. And I still have them! About a week later I bought another. This time in small. It eventually I gave away to a girl friend who wore them on several occasions. But it’s probably been at least five years since I’ve seen her wear them. I suspect she no longer does.

But I am very satisfied to still have my first pair. Yes, it’s a little worn in the crotch area. I think that’s where they all seem to wear out first. But still very wearable. Oddly enough I have never worn this pair in public.

It did take another three full years before I began to indulge in buying vintage disco pants. And since then I have amassed over six dozen pairs. But I do credit the AA pants with setting me off on that course. The two vintage pairs of Frederick’s I had purchased years before that were disappointing so I don’t count them as the true catalysts of my collection.

The AA disco pants were the first spandex disco pants to fit me just like I remembered seeing how they fit those rockstars and dancers and actors and actresses on television. They were shiny, skintight and the right length. They were better than anything else I had up to that point.

My goal now is to get these pants in every color they have. I won’t make the mistake again of selling them. Had I known there was a chance I’d never find some of those colors again I would have never sold them. Currently they have them in seven colors of which I have black and menthe. I have the older version in midnight. Should I get a new one in midnight anyway? Probably not. But my priority at this time would be to get the royal, red and pearl. Hoping eventually they bring back silver and cranberry red. Brown would be a dream come true. And charcoal, well, we’re getting there.

So this is a special year. A 10-year anniversary of sorts for the AA disco pant and me. And the year I plan to wear disco pants the most times ever. When we get to Christmas Eve of this year I will be curious to see what new editions or changes and how many wearings I will have had by then. Looking to be an interesting year!

About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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2 Responses to 2018: 10 Year Anniversary of the AA Disco Pant

  1. Joe says:

    I saw a guy in Salvation Army thrift store on 63rd yesterday wearing gold disco pants and ugg boots. Was that you??

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