Disco Pants & The Donnas

Recently some brought to my attention some album cover photos of a band from the 90’s called The Donnas. The band was comprised of four young ladies, each using the name of Donna followed by a different initial for each one.
I had heard of them during their heyday but I couldn’t tell you any of their songs. What particularly has stayed in my memory was the name of their third album, “Get Skintight.” I didn’t know what they meant by that but it sure sounded like a cool name to me. The lead track from the album is called “Skintight” and it’s about the singer crushing on a guy wearing skintight jeans. On a side note, I hope it’s really true that are ladies out there who love the sight of a guy in skintight jeans. But nothing is mentioned of this guy’s looks other than his photos are in magazines. So he must be some kind of rock star, model or actor. But the main focus of the lyrics is the skintight jeans he is wearing. The interesting thing is that this song is from 1999 which was absolutely not an era when guys were wearing anything even close to slim-fitting jeans. In fact, I wore my own pair of skintight jeans that year only two times because it was so out of fashion and I felt really self-conscious in them. Oddly enough, I was in better shape at that time than I am now, yet now I more often wear the tightest jeans and disco pants I have!

But I’ve gone off on a tangent. Anyway, The Donnas’ album before “Get Skintight” was called “American Teenage Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine” from 1998. On the cover, the drummer, who was known as Donna C (real name Torry Castellano) is wearing purple spandex jeans with belt loops. Take a look:

The Donnas

And on the back cover she appears once again in her disco pants, albeit in a filtered black & white photo:


Mind you,  this is 1998. Spandex was out of fashion. Shiny was not in. Skintight was not happening. I couldn’t tell you if those are vintage pants she is wearing or something newly made, though I suspect the former. It’s too bad the photos are no full-body shots. I’d love to see if the pants are straight-leg or skinny type. But alas! Upon some further investigating I found this photo:


So there’s my answer! The pants are vintage, straight-leg style. With those belt loops I’d suspect they’re probably Odds & Ends or Tight End brand. Or something else. You might not believe how many brands of clothing made shiny spandex jeans. Every so often I come upon another brand I never either heard or knew they made such pants.

Thanks to the reader who pointed out this album cover to me!

In other news, I wore disco pants today for the 6th time this year. And I plan another wearing tomorrow. Friday is my thrift store day and I like to sport spandex jeans when I go to such stores. Today I wore one of my first black Le’Gambi pairs. Tomorrow probably some midnight Le’Gambi. Maybe navy. Maybe steel blue! Can’t wait to get some browns and grays into the rotation!!

Actually the next six or seven days are going to feature disco pants weather. So I am looking at getting two or three more wearings during this period. I think this will be a fun week or so.
We may have passed the too-cold-for-disco-pants weather at this point. But it’s not certain of course. If we have though, I see a lot more frequent wearings starting from today’s and perhaps through May. But I won’t look too far ahead. It is best to enjoy the moment, especially if that moment means being in disco pants!

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4 Responses to Disco Pants & The Donnas

  1. Russ says:

    You’re welcome. You should have used the Max Webster album cover also, especially for the guys that want to see SDJs on other guys for validation or whatever. They were also in bright yellow, not a color you would see most guys wearing on any article of clothing.

    • skippy says:

      That Donnas cover always stood out because of her wearing those pants and I always did think they were out of fashion when it came out,I was not seeing them worn anymore and in photos.

      • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

        Yeah it was certainly a relic by that time. Good on her for wearing them and who knows what sort of an influence she had.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      I’ll use that one, too. Just do it on a separate post. That way I’ll more to write about. Definitely need more pics of guys wearing SDJs.

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