8 For 2018

I finished up February with four wearings which was just like January. So I have eight total for the year. The weather is getting less wintry so I anticipate more wearings in the coming weeks.

I’m still only rotating between my black vintage ones, new black ones and midnight pairs. Yes, I have worn some AA pairs but I see them being worn less and less as the need for wearing my tall Ugg-like boots starts to fizz out. I still see plenty of women wearing boots even in fifty degree weather here. But I tend to put mine away once the threat of significant cold and/or snow begins to fade away. I have other boots but none as tall as these. My other Ugg-style boots are the short version which I think looks less appealing particularly with AA-style disco pants. And I have a pair of exclusively-men’s Ugg boots that also does not look all that great with said pants. I have a couple of nice Dr. Martens but again they don’t make for such a great pairing with any disco pants for that matter. Finally, I do have a pair of Chelsea boots and ankle boots which look great with vintage disco pants but not AA-types.

I have always said AA-style disco pants are less versatile than the vintage-style, straight-leg rendition. Perhaps not so much for women but definitely for guys. Women seem to make disco pants look great no matter what shoes they wear with them. And I have seen some of them wear horrible looking footwear with disco pants. I still prefer to see them wear sneakers or certain kinds of boots (e.g. Ugg Classics) with them. And as for me, I would only wear my AA disco pants with either Converse sneakers, my own Ugg-style boots or some other really low-profile, flat sneakers.

This weekend is shaping up to be another mild one–in the 50’s. So I am debating as to whether I should wear some Le’Gambi spandex jeans tomorrow. Being Saturday and going grocery shopping means that there will be a lot of foot traffic in the stores. Plus it means I would be wearing disco pants to a store I have never worn them at before. I love these pants because not only are they so comfortable but they make me look and feel good. What could be better? I mean they are so comfortable that sometimes I forget I’m even wearing them! So I find myself taking glimpses at them and there they are–all shiny and tight and on my legs! Really feels great to see them on me. I can’t help but think back to those times as a kid when I’d see them on TV or in a picture and wish I had a pair to wear. And now I do! Thank goodness for the internet!

Today I wore some Levi’s 519 Extreme Skinny jeans. I have four pairs of these; acid wash, medium wash, gray & black. I wore the acid wash. I really like how it fits. This is the tightest fit Levi’s offers for guys. The ankles are very tight. Unfortunately, the fit varies from wash to wash and the inseam on a few of them aren’t even as long as the tagged size. I have measured an inseam of 30 on a couple of pairs labelled as 32. And it’s quite obvious, too. I can only get away with wearing those if I pair them with Converse high tops or some other higher profile sneaker. The acid wash pair is true to size though and I wore them with some low-profile, gray New Balance sneakers. I am really into New Balance sneakers at the moment. Not all models but certain classic, low-tech versions (220, 420, etc) worn casually and mainly for fashion nowadays. These New Balance and my various Converse will be the only sneakers I wear this coming summer.

The only question now is when will my first disco pant wearing come for March? Will it be tomorrow or next week? Tomorrow would be great but I’m not certain I will. It’s not that I don’t want to live in shiny spandex jeans but I do have a rather amazing collection of skinny jeans that I want to wear also. I’ll have to sleep on it and see what I decide in the morning.

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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2 Responses to 8 For 2018

  1. SpandexDisco Jeans wearer. says:

    Hey there,

    Love reading your blog. So I was recently in Reno and wore my black American Apparel disco pants out for the night. Wore them in place of black jeans, so fitted demin color shirt and brown shoes. First time I ventured out like that. Love it.

    I don’t have the vintage collection you do, but I really do enjoy the AA discos. Keep wearing and writing!

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Thank you very much!
      Sounds like a fun outfit! AA disco pants are great nonetheless. If you can’t get your hands on any vintage pairs there’s always the option of getting an AA pair modified to have that vintage straight-leg fit.
      Thanks for the encouragement. Will definitely keep wearing and writing!!

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