Vintage Bubblegum Spandex Jeans

I had an interesting find yesterday while at my usual Friday thrift store. I came across a pair of Bubblegum American Flavour polyester/spandex jeans in black. The first thing that caught my eye about them was that they had a sheen. Upon looking at the tag I learned the brand was Bubblegum, it was 96/4 polyester/spandex and was made in the USA. The fact they were USA-made meant they were vintage and, based what I came across on the internet, probably from the 1990’s. Their shine was not quite like that of disco pants but more of a coated denim type shine. The size tag read 7/8. Also of note was that the legs were straight not skinny. They looked a bit short for me to wear but at $3.49 I scooped them up.

A few more details about them: they have mock front pockets (though a real coin pocket), belt loops, stars for rivets and a low rise. Later that evening I tried them on. I was dying to try these pants on and all the while I kept thinking, “Don’t forget–they look a bit short so they probably will not serve you any purpose.” I even took my Dr. Martens boots to make up for the short inseam. But I tried them on and they fit pretty darn nice! Yes, they could have been at least an inch longer for perfection. I can wear them with those boots though and it will be fine. I also tried them on with dirty white Converse All Star high tops and it was acceptable. Probably better with black ones.

These are very nice pants! Their shine is amplified when wearing them and in some of the photos I took they resemble leather while in others they are more like nylon. Perhaps like an older pair of disco pants that has lost some of its shine through the course of time and washing.

Due to the lower rise of these pants they don’t look as appealing to me from the front as they do from the back. Unlike spandex disco jeans which look amazing both front and back. These pants appear to reflect more light as more is placed upon them so I am curious to see how they look outdoors in bright sunshine. In low lighting conditions they still give off a sheen and even from a ways off one can tell the pants are shiny. And skintight. Did I mention they fit skintight? They do. However after sitting for a bit they do tend to creep down and need pulling up. The lower legs tend to creep up and need pushing down. So the best thing is not to sit down in these pants!

These shiny jeans remind me of another type of pants I bought several months ago. They’re Dr. Denim brand and are stretchy and look like leather. They have the same basic jeans look–(faux) front pockets, back pockets, button, zipper. Main difference between these two pants is that the Dr. Denim is skinny/leggings fit while the Bubblegums are straight leg. Also the DDs have a high or normal rise. However their rear pockets are long and in my opinion placed too close to each other. The Bubblegum jeans have perfect pocket placement and size. I noticed that one of the modern trends on jeans is elongated rear pockets. I’m not a huge fan of that.

Here is a photo of the back of the Bubblegum jeans:


As great as they look they just don’t compare to a pair of spandex disco jeans. I happened to try the Bubblegums again this evening followed by a favorite pair of Le’Gambi pants. The Le’Gambi fits to a tee, is shinier, maintains its shape, does not creep down and due to its perfect length it allows me to wear a variety of sneakers, boots and other shoes with them


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2 Responses to Vintage Bubblegum Spandex Jeans

  1. joe says:

    don’t know if you are aware of this one guy’s youtube channel, he’s into super tight jeans and there are videos of him talking about it and trying to get into them while laying down, etc.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hi Joe,
      Yes I am aware of his YouTube. I have chatted with him in the past. He’s actually a pretty cool guy.

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