New Disco Pants Old Disco Pants

It’s been a little slower than I had thought. I had declared on here that come the spring I’d be wearing spandex disco pants two, three or even more times per week. In March I only had two days. This month, April, only has two days thus far and we are now into the last full week. I guess I haven’t been in the proper state of mind. I still struggle with not wanting to make a spectacle of myself. I don’t think I would handle fame all that well if ever it comes my way. But I do think it’s reasonable to expect to get at least two more wearings before this month is done!

I wore my vintage black Le’Gambi size two pair this past Friday. This was my first ever Le’Gambi brand of spandex jeans and it remains a go-to and favorite of mine to this day. Went to a bank, then my favorite thrift store and finally a grocery store. Wore them with my favorite short, black puffer jacket and white Converse sneakers. It was a sunny day, too!

Last night I was trying on a white pair of Chinese disco pants. This one is a size large and fits completely skintight. I can’t stress how nice these pants fit, look and feel on. They are bright white. American Apparel calls their white disco pant “pearl” and even vintage pairs have a sort of ivory look to them. Not these Chinese pants. They are bright white. As you probably already know, white disco pants tend to be sheer and not-so-great looking particularly if you’re wearing something dark underneath them. I have tried them with black and white underwear and neither works very well. Black is the worst, but white can still be seen, too. And even if you could find some flesh-colored briefs or such there would still be the matter of visible ‘panty’ lines. So I found the best look is achieved with wearing nothing underneath white disco pants. Mind you, I say “best look”. That would most likely not make for the most practical situation, though. When I’m taking my pics in them it is best not to wear underwear. But if I were to go out in them I’d opt for the next best option which would be to wear some flesh-colored briefs underneath.

I’m a huge fan of wearing spandex jeans as tight as possible but I am aware of the fact that the tighter they are, the more they are being stretched and the thinner and more sheer the material becomes. I’ve experienced this even with black disco pants. I’ve tried some on that were so tight I could start to see the color of the underwear below them–in bright-lighting situations, of course. So extra caution needs to be taken with white and other lighter-colored spandex disco jeans. Perhaps not so much for women but for guys, yes.

As I write this I am expecting a pair of those super shiny, skinny fit Frederick’s disco pants from the later 80’s that had belt loops and no brand name on the rear pocket. I already have a silver pair of these and absolutely love them. I wish I could find more info on them. Would love to know when this skinny-leg version started becoming popular. I am quite confident that they must be from ’83, ’84 or ’85. Perhaps beyond that even. There is a definite styling change on them compared to the ones that debuted in 1978 after the “Grease” craze. Let’s go over some of the differences. I will refer to these types as the “newer” version and the others as the “originals”.

  • Shine: Originals — shiny
    Newer — more shiny
  • Content: Originals — 90% nylon & 10% lycra spandex
    Newer — 85% nylon & 15% lycra spandex
  • Belt loops: Originals — none
    Newer — yes (5)
  • Fit: Originals — straight leg
    Newer — skinny leg
  • Branding: Originals — visible (on pocket)
    Newer — hidden (inside pants)
  • Pockets: Originals — rounded bottoms
    Newer — angled (jeans-style)
  • Zipper: Originals — metal
    Newer — plastic

There you have it. I should add that this is more of a comparison guide between the different versions of the Frederick’s of Hollywood brand disco pants. The reason I denote the brand is because I never saw different versions of Le’Gambi, Bojeangles, Michi or Jonden spandex jeans. In this regard the Frederick’s brand was unique. I do not know which brand came out with the first disco pants but at least initially when Frederick’s came out with theirs they very much resembled Le’Gambi’s, Bojeangles’ & Michi’s. Jonden didn’t have their first spandex jeans till 1981 and Frederick’s newer version more closely resembled aspects of those by Jonden and Tight End.

I have just received the pants and am extremely disappointed. They are nothing like silver pair I have. The material is very thin; similar to that used in Chinese disco pants. Actually worse though. They don’t fit me tight at all. I almost get the feeling these were “hand-made”. They’re absolutely terrible and I’m sorry not only that I bought them but that I paid what I paid for them. This is one of the perils of buying-before-seeing. Yes, I saw photos but they don’t always give you the whole picture. Lesson learned. Even after six years experience of purchasing disco pants online I still manage to buy some duds.

Finally, yesterday was the 6th anniversary of my first disco pant wearing. Yes, six years ago yesterday I wore shiny spandex jeans for the first time in public. I didn’t even know this until I just checked a few moments ago. Had I been aware of this I may have worn a pair yesterday just to commemorate the fact. Oh well. Wednesday and Friday are looking like great days.



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