Steel Blue Spandex Disco Pants

Today, for only the second time ever, I wore my steel blue Le’Gambi spandex disco jeans. After all that focus on Dorit Stevens’ pink ones from the previous post, I wanted to try something different. Last night I was strongly considering wearing my navy Bojeangles. But it’s still one of my ‘brand new’ pairs–those are the ones that are being newly made–and I worry about damaging them or whatever. They do fit very nice however. If I had two pairs I’d be less hesitant to wear one. Then I started entertaining the idea of wearing the navy blue Jonden pair that I recently bought and was disgusted by. I am no longer digusted by them. They are a pretty awesome pair and I think I’ll like them even more once I run them in washer. But I was considering wearing them today even without having washed them. I didn’t though. I also considered the hunter green pair. Sometime overnight I decided it was going to be the steel blue ones. After all, I had already worn them once to a Burlington store in January of this year. And everything was cool. So I decided that today I would debut them at my favorite thrift store.

It was really sunny today and I saw the reflection of my shining spandex pants in the windows and doors of the stores I patronized. I even went to that pharmacy that I wrote about once before where a worker commented and looked at the black disco pants I was wearing that day. Today I was walking right towards her and no one else was around. I thought she was going to make another comment but she only greeted me. It would have been a perfect opportunity for her to say something but perhaps she wasn’t in the mood. Or maybe even she didn’t notice the pants!

I wanted to wear my low top Converse but these pants are a little short so I had to go with my high tops. There is about a two-inch hem which I will have to let down if I ever want to wear my low top sneakers with them. Oh, and it was in the mid-50’s when I was leaving the house so I wore my short, black puffer jacket. It’s funny how I don’t even think twice anymore about pairing that jacket with spandex jeans now. But this is really perfect disco pants weather. In a few days it’s going to shoot up into the 80’s and that’s when I have to put SDJs on hold. Yes, I’m still top-heavy and I’m self-conscious about that. There is nothing more that I would like than to put on a Beatles’ t-shirt or Pink Floyd t-shirt or Scooby Doo t-shirt with my disco pants and go out in them. But t-shirts tend to mold to the body more than button-up shirts and thus reveal the need to lose some upper body weight. However, even if I were in my ideal shape I would still need a place to carry all my things. Disco pants are not very accomodating in that regard. I would rather not place anything other than something very thin in the back pockets of spandex jeans because otherwise you get that large bulge. I use one pocket for my wallet which produces that large bulge. I could put my phone in the other one but then I’ll have a second bulging pocket. But that doesn’t solve the fact that I need space for my keys and a few other things. Ultimately I need to carry my small messenger bag which I am not fond of doing. I am not used to carrying such things. Once when I was at Kohl’s wearing disco pants and carrying that bag, I placed it on a clothing rack while I tried a jacket on. I put the jacket back and walked away from the area only to realize I didn’t have my bag with me. I panicked and quickly headed back to that area and found the bag still hanging there. Thank goodness! Someone was already near it and I don’t know what they would have done with it.

So the messenger bag is still an option. And even when I wear my disco-pant-shorts I have to carry the bag. The truth is, if I want to enjoy wearing spandex in the hot weather there is no choice but to carry either the bag I already have or some other kind. Even though I’m not used to carrying around a bag with me, I do feel more secure having one whether I have functional pockets or not. Perhaps I need to just force myself to grow accustomed to it.

The reason I chose the steel blue today is because it’s a color that is not-in-your-face. I love all my disco pant colors, but the ones that are not loud are easier for me to wear. That is why I frequently wear black and midnight. The pants’ shine and tightness already are attention-grabbers without additionally having a color that shouts “look at me, look at me!” But that’s just me. And I am working my way up to feeling comfortable wearing even the loudest of colors. I do look forward to the day when I walk out of the house wearing my orange ones, purple ones, aqua ones or red ones. In the meantime I’ll just be thrilled to the death to wear the ones I am comfortable with now.

Tomorrow and Sunday are looking like two more disco-pants-perfect weather. I could sneak in another wearing if I should happen to go out either day. But if it’s just to drop off a parcel at the post office or buy a lottery ticket, it may not be worth it. The most opportune times for me are when I go to a department store or thrift store. Or any kind of a large, non-grocery store. So this might be it for April. A mere three wearings. But I’ll try to make up for that in May.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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  1. skippy says:

    I’m Still stopping bye and reading your content,Great as always.

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