AA Satin Charmeuse Night Jacket & Disco Pants

This past Friday I wore midnight Le’Gambi disco pants. It was warm out and going to get warmer. So I knew I was either going to have to wear my shiny black American Apparel satin jacket or carry my messenger bag. Not wanting to carry the bag, I threw caution to the wind and wore the jacket instead. Mind you, this was the first time ever that I wore this jacket with shiny spandex jeans. OK, maybe not the very first. Back in 2012 when I first started wearing these pants I know I paired this jacket with them a few times. But those times were at the one same place and it was only to go from the car to the building and vice versa. I didn’t keep the jacket on inside the building. This was the first time in the general public that I wore this pairing. And this is my favorite jacket to wear with disco pants. It is a very lightweight jacket perfect for those days that are not too warm and not too cold. And it has the elastic band at the waist which means it will cling to you there and not overhang. That is my only protest against leather jackets–they don’t have the elastic waistband and unless they have some snap buttons which you can tighten by fastening them, they will give the overhanging look. This is especially true on me since I can’t get a tight fitting leather jacket.

My main point is that I paired that nylon jacket with disco pants for the (real) first time. And I didn’t bother to first try it on and see if it was appropriate enough for me to wear. I just grabbed it and put it on because it was the only jacket I could get away with wearing in 70° weather. Oh and I wore my black Pink Floyd t-shirt underneath.

So what this means for me is that I can go to this jacket frequently now and without hesitation. Yes, there will be times when any jacket will not be appropriate. But when I need something super light with disco pants this is the one. I do also have a bright blue version of this jacket. I regret not buying the other colors when AA had them years ago. I would be thrilled to have a red one and a gray one now. But the bright blue one I have is pretty flashy and I feel a bit too “on display” if I were to wear them AND disco pants together. Black is more subtle even though it’s really shiny. I should look around for these jackets but surely the size I need will be hard to find.

I have been told I should consider wearing a jean jacket with spandex disco jeans. I like the idea of pairing the two materials but denim jackets suffer from the same ailment (on me) that the aforementioned leather jackets do. And I don’t think a jean jacket with an elastic waistband would give that same look we all love, just as a leather jacket with said waistband wouldn’t either. I’ll see what I can come up with.

This Friday is my thrift store day and I am planning on wearing disco pants of course. It’s going to be chilly with a high only in the low 50’s. That is perfect spandex jeans weather. And a few days ago I washed that navy blue pair of Jonden disco pants that I was initially put off by. So they are completely ready to wear and I may just wear them tomorrow! I love 50’s weather because I can wear a long-sleeve t-shirt under my thin, short puffer jacket with disco pants and be completely comfortable. There’s no better outfit to wear in that weather.

In other news, still no charcoal disco pants from AA. Also, red has sold out and no longer available. I don’t know if this is permanent or temporary but as red was such a popular color it seems rather ominous if permanent. I’m still having a very hard time finding charcoal–not to mention brown–disco pants in a medium or large on ebay, Poshmark or Depop. I’m not ready to say that I will probably never be able to make a straight-leg pair quite yet though. Still pretty confident one will show up. But the brown I am almost positive I will not find two pairs in said size. Of course I wouldn’t need to consider that if I could only find a vintage Le’Gambi or Frederick’s in brown. So what’s actually more likely–that I could find two pairs of charcoal AAs size M/L or a single vintage brown pair in a size tight enough for my liking? I’d put my money on the two charcoals.

Actually I should qualify what I’m searching for a little further. It’s not just a matter of finding these items but finding them at reasonable prices. Charcoal disco pants are not all that uncommon on these various websites. But because AA has decided not to re-make them (yet) people who are selling them know they have something a little more rare and thus valuable. There is a pair on ebay right now that is brand new and size M on auction for $60. I’m hoping to find something a little more affordable, especially considering that I will have to pay another $40-50 to have the pants worked on and then a pair of shorts hemmed. However, I do feel these pants will sell due to the reasonable price and rarity of the color. If I could afford more at this time I would bid on them with the hopes of winning. Won’t be surprised if they sell in the $70s.

That’s all for now!


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