Starting Off June in Disco Pants

I fall in love with disco pants further and deeper every time I wear them. Today is the first of June and what a way to start off the month by wearing a pair!

A bit cooler today than the past several days’ heat spell. When I got up I noticed my backyard temperature station read 59°F. It has not been that cool around here in at least a full week. Knowing that today be Friday and it’s my thrift store day, that temperature reading further served as a sign to wear spandex disco jeans today. And so I did.

I wore my new black Le’Gambi size 4 and paired it with my black Pink Floyd t-shirt and a navy blue nylon bomber jacket. And white Converse high-tops of course. The jacket is from ASOS and it’s my first time pairing it with disco pants. It’s a great jacket. It’s a bit form-fitting, as I imagine most clothing from ASOS tends to be. And it has that elastic waistband which means it stays close to the body for a nice streamlined look. I did find myself constantly pulling down on it in order to not have my groin and bum fully exposed. But it is somewhat of a short jacket–not bad short, rather good short. So as much as I pulled down on it some of the crotch area and the pockets on the bum were still visible. That is absolutely fine with me. Ideally that is how this jacket or any jacket or top that I wear with spandex jeans should fit. I’m not a fan of the long (and loose) tops that cover everything up.

My outfit made me feel like a rockstar today. And it was all the pants. I could have been wearing skinny jeans and I wouldn’t have felt like a rockstar. But the skintight shiny pants is what did it. Does that mean if I wear a sweater or sport jacket with some Chelsea boots and disco pants I would feel like a rock star? No, but those pants do give an edge to any outfit. I may not look like a rocker when wearing a sweater, dress boots and spandex disco pants, but there is an element of ‘celebrity-hood,’ rebellion and sex appeal which those pants alone can bring about. Are those things important to me? Absolutely not! I just love the pants and feel good wearing them. If others think I look like a rockstar or I’m posing as one, it doesn’t matter to me. I am just being who I am. It’s all about authentic self-expression.

There is a very good chance I may wear spandex jeans in the next day or two again. I need to make a trip to a Kohl’s store and redeem my Kohl’s cash which expires after Sunday. But I want to go to a different Kohl’s store than the one I usually go to. Will I dare wear shiny disco pants to a less-than-familiar store on a weekend? It’s not a certainty, but I was thinking today that it wouldn’t be troubling to me if I wore disco pants everyday. Actually that would be a dream come true. What wouldn’t necessarily be troubling is if I were known around these parts as the guy who always wore them.

Previously I mentioned the desire to debut white disco pants this summer. I’m still intent on doing that but I’d like to find some flesh-colored briefs first. Dark underwear and even white underwear is very noticeable under white disco pants. And the tighter the pants fit the more noticeable they become. Thus the only way to go is with some skin-colored underwear which I do not recall ever seeing. The next best option would be to go with something lighter, not darker.

This past Memorial Day weekend featured an American Apparel sale of 30% everything. I did not make a purchase. I had considered getting a black disco pant and a pearl one but it didn’t happen. Just didn’t feel like a priority at this time. I am still awaiting the charcoal one. I’d like to have the charcoal straight-leg pair for this summer, fall at the latest. But I am also still having a hard time finding an affordable pre-owned pair on the various e-commerce websites. All I can do is keep looking.


About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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