Not Quite 100 Yet!

Since the post I wrote and thought was published yesterday wasn’t really, I re-published it today. So to avoid two long posts in a single day I will make this one a quickie.

I had the opportunity to make today my 100th wearing of disco pants. I didn’t do it. I sort of regret it but it’s not a great big deal. Turned out to have been a good day for it even though it was raining most of the time. But I wasn’t going to be outdoors anyway. My 100th wearing will have to come some other day this week and it will. Lately I feel like wearing spandex jeans more often than usual–more often than I have been–and I do envision a solid two wearings this week. And if I should go to my place of worship next week again I think there is a strong chance I will wear them then.

I had planned to wear black, jean-style dressy pants today with some brown loafers but after I saw it was raining I changed into black coated Nudie jeans and white Converse high tops. The pants I should have changed into were my new size 5 black Le’Gambi spandex jeans. There was a guy there wearing jogger-style cropped pants and that sort of inspired me to start getting more bold with my outfit choices. Everyone dresses very casually there. Skintight jeans, leggings, skinny pants, track pants, shorts & sneakers is all you mainly see. They’re all younger people so it makes sense. The older people are in their pretentious suits and dresses. And it’s not like by wearing disco pants I am doing something they’ve never seen before. Many or even most of them have.

So now I’m thinking next Sunday will be a definite disco pants day. But it does depend on the weather (somewhat but not really since I’ll be indoors) and my mood/mental state. The weather at this point is forecast to be sunny and near 90°. That means no-sweater weather. It also means I’ll have to wear a top that will not be tucked in and cannot be too large. The oversized top & disco pants look on women is great but I don’t like it so much on me. And of course I will not be wearing any of my super tight disco pants. To start off with it will have to be my size 5 Le’Gambi that I have yet to turn from new to used.

That is what’s going on with me. Looking forward to my 100th wearing this week. Might be making a trip to the mall to return something. Otherwise may just scour some additional thrift stores this week. If it gets too hot I’ll just have to donning the disco pant cutoff shorts!

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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