1st Wearing of Disco Pant Cutoff Shorts 2018

Today I wore my disco pant cutoff shorts for the first time this year. It was pretty warm today and I figured I would give them a go. (By the way, the one I wore is the pair I had professionally made). I still feel a bit more relaxed in shiny spandex shorts than I do in shiny spandex pants. Not sure why but it probably has to do something with the shorts giving the impression of exercise, compression or just complete comfort and casualness. The pants on the other hand give a look of choosing a more purposeful outfit rather than taking a break between exercise sessions to run some errands.

Anyway, being in those shorts today has revived those past desires to have more of these disco shorts made. They are still available on Aliexpress.com. But I have extra pairs at hand and I’m thinking I’d like a navy blue one and a gray one. In reality I ‘d love to have a pair in each color but I probably wouldn’t wear most. I am envisioning wearing these a lot this summer. Things didn’t quite pan out last year. I’m not sure I remember why.

But I am thinking I will want to wear these ‘disco shorts’ more often and perhaps even on back-to-back days. That means I need to have a few other colors so no one thinks I am wearing the same one everyday. I’m not a fan of wearing  anything everyday, except shoes maybe, so if there’s a particular article of clothing I really like I try to keep more than one of it.

The things I am seeing on Aliexpress right now as I look there are the following:
1. There are not as many sellers of those Chinese disco pants as there were before.
2. The prices have gone up to about $16-18 shipping included. Still cheap, yes.
3. One of the sellers has prices under $10 but a lot less available in terms of sizing.
4. There are a few other sellers charging over $25 for them.

Basically for me I’d have to pay about $16 for a navy blue pair size large. But this seller doesn’t have them in gray. The other seller does and it would cost me $18 to get a gray size large from them. I do already have two pairs each of the navy blue and gray. Am I willing to sacrifice one of each for shorts? Perhaps. But I’m not sure.

A few sellers on Aliexpress are also selling disco leggings which are basically the same Chinese disco pants without zippers & buttons. Even have the back pockets! Those cost $6-$8 each and I think they would make nice leggings or even shorts. They don’t have but four colors and I’m thinking I may pick up a black and a gray or two. Not being used to leggings I am not sure how they would fit on my waist. But they are nice, tight & shiny.

For now I will decide whether to buy more disco pants to make shorts out of or just use some of the ones I already have.

About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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