100th Wearing & Thrift Store Finds

Today was the day–the 100th wearing of spandex disco pants! After six years and nearly two months of wearing them for the first time I have now worn them for the hundredth time. Yes, six years. Almost seventy-four months. I know–I should have had my 100th wearing years ago. And I probably would have since I was on such a good pace in 2012. But stuff happened. And I won’t let that bother me anymore. I’m currently on track to have my best month ever and best year ever. And I have a lot more that I can make happen from this point forward.

The pants that set the 100th wearing was my Le’Gambi midnight size 6. I paired it with a black-checked Calvin Klein short-sleeve button up shirt and white low top Converse. The shirt is very nice and a perfect match for spandex jeans–not too big or long, not too small and short. I thrifted it some months ago. And of course I toted my messenger bag.

I wasn’t sure about wearing disco pants today. I knew I had several places to go and I still feel a bit awkward wearing them at banks and drugstores. But today is my thrift store day and I love wearing them there. I feel that’s a kind of store where I can wear anything and not feel like an odd man out. I’ve seen people there wearing some very wild clothing with out-of-this-world hairstyles and even face paint. But still no one wearing disco pants. I lament. So I try to make it a point to always wear spandex jeans whenever I go thrifting.

I felt very good and relaxed today. Sometimes I can be a bit skittish in disco pants but today I was perfectly fine. But I lament again–I found no pairs at the store. However, I did come across some other interesting finds.

I bought two pairs of Levi’s 510 Super Skinny jeans of the rigid stretch variety both in very good condition with only some heavier fading around the knees. Both fit nice and snug. I imagine they are each about five years old or more. “Rigid Stretch” used to be a very popular color/wash and I frequently run into them at various second-hand stores. I think too many wearers of this particular type made the mistake of drying their jeans in the dryer which inevitably led to shrinkage horizontally and vertically. The rigid stretch model has since been replaced with the “Rigid Dragon” one, and I also come across solid-looking pairs of these which have been donated due to dryer shrinkage.

I also found a couple of thin, warm-weather track pants that were both on women’s ‘active’ apparel racks. I didn’t see anything particularly feminine about them other than one being a bit more glossy than the other. But who says glossy is only for women? I grabbed them both as I had already looked through the men’s active apparel section and found nothing cheap enough, cool enough for warm weather or in a size I could work with. No baggy junk for me!

The two most exciting finds I came across today also happened to be in the women’s active apparel section. First there was a Hanes Her Way pair of shiny blue spandex capris for only $3.49. They fit pretty perfect on me. Capris are a new thing for me but I think I can rock them. Second, I found a pair of Topshop semi-shiny leggings which I quickly snatched up. I’m not a huge fan of Topshop (or Topman) clothing but these leggings looked and felt good. They are really tiny and while they do fit me, the polyester material is stretched to the max and makes them a bit sheer. Still, they do have a nice sheen to them and I would totally wear them as leggings once I get to the leggings-wearing phase of my personal style.

It’s about to get excessively hot around here with high heat and humidity. I was strongly considering wearing disco pants on Sunday and I still may, but I might also opt to go with something lighter-weight. The next several days I may be wearing my two pairs of disco pant cutoff shorts frequently. That makes me wish I already had a few other colors available to wear. I could go ahead and cut some up on my own but I really love the job my tailor did on that one pair and I’d like to keep them neat and professional looking. If it ends up not costing to much I will ask her to use the material she cuts off from the legs to make five belt loops on the shorts as well.

And speaking of leggings……why would I buy ones made specifically for men? They are also known as meggings, by the way. First of all, the ones I’ve seen online are very loud. They either have gawdy patterns on them or very high shine. Second, they are so expensive! I am not fond of the idea of paying high prices for pants that don’t have a button and zipper or any sort of pockets. Third, they tend to have seams in areas not traditionally found on pants or even tights for that matter. I read many complaints about seams that go through the crotch area and as a result these seams have been ‘relocated.’ Personally I don’t like the look of them. I have no problem with the crotch seam. So I will stick with the cheapy Chinese disco pants which resemble leggings or any shiny ones I find thrifting. And of course there are American Apparel disco pants of which I have many. Again I ask, why would I even consider buying meggings? If their prices dropped, their designs quieted and their shine made more subtle, I would consider a pair. Add two back pockets and I’m in for sure!

Finally, I received a new pair of vintage Le’Gambi spandex jeans yesterday. They are steel blue in color. I already have two in this color but the price was so good I couldn’t pass it up. It is a size one and fits skintight. Another great find!


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