Super Shiny Chinese Disco Pants!

I wore spandex disco pants today. It was my 101st wearing. I think numbers will start to mean less now that I’ve crossed the 100 threshhold. Perhaps the 150th will be more significant. Definitely the 200th will. Technically I could reach both still this year but that would take some serious dedication to doing this. The desire is there for sure but sometimes the opportunity or the mood is lacking or just not right. At times I think silly thoughts such as wearing them as much as possible while I have the use of my legs. You never what can happen from one minute to another. Plus time is always going against the grain with us. While I’m completely fine with older people wearing spandex jeans, I don’t think I want to be the gray-haired, wrinkled, older man wearing them. I still consider myself quite young albeit not as young as the people who have historically worn these pants. But that’s okay. The biggest obstacle disco pants pose to me at this time is that they make me feel fat. They make me strive however to, at the very least, not add any more pounds.

I actually considered wearing my modified Chinese disco pants today. It’s another hot day here and coupled with my desire to wear these pants as often as possible, their greater lightweightedness made it seem like an opportune time to wear them. I did put them on and was really pleased with how they looked. Ultimately I did not wear them though. Why, you ask? Well, I have not worn them yet since I had them modified last year. While I was very pleased with how they came out I had pretty much stuck to wearing my vintage and new-vintage stock. As I have mentioned many times before these Chinese pants are quite shiny–even shinier than my original disco pants and American Apparel’s. And someone else who is a great fan of these pants told me she found the Asian type to be too shiny for her taste. So while I do love their shine I have always been a bit reserved about it being on the high side. Arguably that’s a bit of nonsense since I do wear two pairs of them as disco pant shorts. I guess it is having all that extra, shiny material from my knees on down that adds to the sentiment. The good news is that I do plan to wear them this Friday when I go thrifting. I should mention that I did chose to wear my black Jonden spandex jeans today.

After having tried on those pants and really liking how they looked on me, I started getting thoughts again of having some other pairs modified. At the moment I just have the black pair and a royal blue pair. What I really want is a navy pair. Actually I would love to have a pair in every color, but I have to be sensible. I’m not going to wear every color. But I contiue to stress that these are some very nice pants. If you have still not ventured into the world of disco pants these are a great gateway into it. Very inexpensive (though prices have risen somewhat), pretty durable (I have worn my disco pant shorts many times and there is little or no sign of damage) and they look and feel great. In fact, once I feel comfortable enough wearing leggings out these will be the first I don, even though technically they are not leggings. But they do fit like leggings and with the way I wear them most people would think they are indeed leggings.

Is it likely that I will have a navy blue pair made up soon? I would say yes, especially since I’ve been wanting a pair of shorts in this color as well. So by ordering two more pairs from Aliexpress I could have one modified into straight leg disco pants and the other into disco pant shorts. Plus I could keep my two current pairs as they are–super skinny fit.

But I do think that white would make for a nice pair of modified pants and shorts as well. Take a look at how great this white pair looks:

Disco Pants Mine73-003

I think it’s a great color and would make for a great pair of shorts if not modified pants as well. (I might actually have to settle for white only. Upon doing a quick check at Aliexpress I find that navy blue is not available in the size I need. White is).

A very cool things that I just noticed is that one seller in particular has titled these disco pants as

“2018 Yomsong Womens High Waist Neon Color Black Pants unisex xL shiny Candy Color Disco Gothic Metal style 104″

The key word there is “unisex”. I was very thrilled to see that. Not that whether these pants are unisex or not matters to me, though I really believe they should be marketed as such. Some people stringently (and foolishly if I may) adhere to gender labelled clothing and are quick to call anyone (usually a male) who wears a garment targeted for the opposite sex (mainly female) a crossdresser. Those people are absolutely silly. But it’s the fact that it seems to be receiving some sort of a universal recognition that really excites me. Yes, spandex jeans in the 70s were unisex, notwithstanding the fact that mostly women were seen in them. They should continue to be seen as unisex just as many sneakers, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and jeans by certain brands (Nudie, Cheap Monday, etc.) are.

I’d be honored to learn that I had anything to do with disco pants becoming unisex or even being considered so. It would be pretty cool to think that with this tiny little space of mine on the world wide web I could be an influence on something I’m so passionate about. Or obsessed. Take your pick. Of course, I’ll probaly never find out but it is nice to share my thoughts and have others comment on here as well.

In my last post I mentioned I found some shiny red leggings last Friday at the thrift store. Here’s a little photo of them:


They look pretty great, don’t they? I have many times stated that I don’t care for prints on disco pants. That would apply to leggings as well. But since this is not really any sort of a repeated pattern or animal skin and since most of the main color is still very much visible, I absolutely don’t mind the design on these. They have a sporty look to them and that “02” on the upper right side just adds to the athletic feel. Plus these are very lightweight and as you can see a very nice shine to them. Not as much as a disco pant’s shine but a good amount nonetheless. I would totally rock these but I would most likely start with solid colors once I venture out into the leggings world. These leggings and the AA ones I found the week before excite me to think of what I may find this week!

Finally, one last pic. Take a look at how great these red Chinese disco pants look and fit:

DSC07761 (3)-002

Perfect perfect! Love those. Something about red. If I look at these too long I’ll want to have a pair modded into straight leg and pair of shorts made as well!


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