1st Wearing of Chinese Modded Disco Pants

It was another scorchingly hot & humid day here today so I wore my Chinese modded disco pants a day earlier than planned.

For those of you who don’t know, these are those cheapie disco pants made in China and sold mainly on Aliexpress currently. Their fit is similar to American Apparel’s disco pant; that is, a super skinny/legging fit. I had the lower legs widened on two pairs of these pants last year so that they would resemble the straight-leg fit of the originals.

These pants feature a higher-shine and thinner material. To me the shine isn’t so much that I find it excessive. But it probably is a reason I waited almost a whole year to wear them. Their thinness however is what makes them a plus to wear in hot weather. When I went inside one of the air conditioned stores today my legs started to feel a refreshing cool air. Since tomorrow is forecast to be less warm and less humid I figured today would be a good day to wear them. I even considered wearing the royal blue ones I had modded. Maybe I’ll wear those tomorrow?

Since tomorrow is my thrift store day I do need to pick out a pair of disco pants for then. Or I may wear my disco pant shorts. It’s something to think about until then.

I also considered wearing an XL pair of the Chinese disco pants today. This is a pair that is quite loose on me. They’re very shiny but they lack that skintight fit. They must be refreshing to wear in hot weather as well. Okay, maybe not refreshing, but as comfortable a type of pants for the heat that isn’t a pair of shorts or very thin track pants. I have several pairs of athletic/track pants that I do wear occasionally. This XL disco pant could probably pass for such a garment. I don’t really get excited at the thought of wearing these loose fitting disco pants but I do a value in doing so. They can serve as a gateway into wearing properly fitting skinny disco pants and even leggings, both of which I am very interested in doing. If you’re a long-time reader of this blog you know I have already worn AA disco pants on several occasions earlier this year. The only thing is that I wore them with tall Ugg-style boots which means their full ‘leggings-style’ fit was not exposed to everyone.

So is it more of a challenge for me to wear the modded Chinese disco pants or the loose XL non-modded Chinese disco pants? Probably the modded ones, since they’re really shiny and skintight. And since I crossed that bridge today there should be no reason I don’t wear the loose ones. Maybe on a day when I’m not so much in the mood to wear any properly-fitting skintight disco jeans I can put on the loose ones and use them as a way to get into wearing those other kinds. We all have to start somewhere. I didn’t go from wearing dreadful baggy jeans one day to wearing skintight spandex disco pants the next. It took years and gradual steps. Even when I started wearing tight jeans during the baggy era of high school I didn’t do it with any sort of confidence or regularity. I was defeated by a few comments from people who really didn’t matter to me. I applaud anyone who can skip the baby steps and take the huge leap from the start. But I gotta do the baby steps and that’s fine with me because I am at a point now I never thought I’d be. Had I been told when I was a young kid that I would be wearing spandex jeans sometime later on in life I’m not sure I would have believed it. Yet here I am now doing so and all as a result of taking smaller steps along the way. And I continue to take smaller steps onto my ultimate goal of wearing AA style disco pants (and shiny leggings) any time, anywhere and everywhere.

I don’t know what sort of reaction I got from people who saw me in my disco pants today. I don’t really look that much at others unless I’m wearing my dark sunglasses. With women I take glances at them while they’re not looking in my direction but as soon as I suspect we may make eye contact I look away. I do look at anyone who is wearing something interesting. With this weather the clothing I like to see is not much worn so there’s not much looking or anticipating to do. Thus I am left to wear the cool clothing I like to see!

Today’s wearing again makes me want to have more of those Asian disco pants modded. If I had the wherewithal I’d have a pair in each color done. Ditto for the shorts. But it’s an expensive endeavor particularly since the pants’ prices have increased and it would cost me about $45 for each pant and maybe $10 for the shorts. Perhaps more if I request the zippers replaced and belt loops put on. Thus I have to limit the project to only those things which I really want and would make the most use out of. At this point I would have to say it’s the navy blue. Yes! Give me a modded pair and the shorts in navy blue! Eventually I’d get gray and then white.

Speaking of all that, I have to go through the difficulty of ordering these pants from Aliexpress. Remember all the trouble I had with the sizing discrepencies? That is still a big concern. While I am able to resell ones that don’t fit appropriately, I cannot afford to place large orders as I used to. I mentioned prices have gone up. Furthermore, most if not all of the ones I bought before were basically charged zilch to ship. Now there are shipping charges of $7 and more for each pair. That adds to the overall cost. I can’t afford to buy two navy blue pairs in large and two in XL only to find out all four fit the same. Or worse, the XL fits horribly loose. And forget about sending any back. It will be a hassle and imagine the cost. But that may be the route I have to go if I want to do this. I should have bought more of these last year when everything was cheaper.

I’m currently in one of my ‘want to wear disco pants all the time” phases. A wearing tomorrow will make 3 for the week which is one of my long-ago goals never quite sustained. I didn’t think I’d be going through this in the summer. But since I have gotten used to carrying around my messenger bag it’s been less of a challenge to wear spandex jeans in the summer. The heat doesn’t matter since it’s going to feel horrible no matter what you wear. At least disco pants are lighter weight than jeans. And I’m not too keen on wearing shorts anymore, even though I love my disco pant shorts. They have become my go-to shorts when I do wear shorts. I have turned away from the baggy cargo shorts as well though I do admit all their pocketry was quite convenient. But my messenger bag and I have begun to get along famously.

My other issue with wearing disco pants in the summer was the fact that I couldn’t conceal the surplus upper body weight that ails me. Well, I just put on my button-up shirts and go on my way. I’d rather wear t-shirts but they tend to cling more to the body whereas the button shirts drape and conceal better. That is what I’ll continue to do throughout this summer. I have a very nice collection of short-sleeve button shirts that I picked up while thrifting and they work well with spandex jeans. Some are large while others are more form-fitting. I prefer the form-fitting ones for a more streamlined look. But the larger ones are good when I wear tighter disco pants or I’m just feeling a little heavier.

Oh yeah. Something else. I once showed a pic of me wearing AA disco pants, Chinese disco pants and some Eastbay tights and I asked you the reader to determine which was which. I’ve been thinking about those Eastbay tights lately. Those were from the 1990s when spandex was still rather shiny. At the moment I don’t know where they are but I know I still have them. I was thinking they could also be a good way to get into wearing leggings since that is basically what they are. And at the time I bought them they were either men’s or unisex. Unfortunately, Eastbay no longer makes them with that shiny fabric. They changed over some time in the 2000s to a matte material which I have never cared for. Those tights were one of my first ventures into shiny legwear. Before those, my very first was a pair of black Tinley running tights which I purchased at a local Sportmart. They were not as shiny as the Eastbay tights are and I have long since sold them. Eastbay was for a time a great source for unisex shiny spandex shorts and tights. They had said products under the Nike brand and their own brand. Even Nike’s spandex leg-wear has toned down on the shine in favor of the duller kind.

Perhaps tomorrow I should try something different. Maybe a pair I have not worn yet. The navy blue Jonden. Or the modded royal blue. Or the Le’Gambi royal blue that is still new with tags. Or the new steel blue pair I picked up. One thing is for sure: I will write about it!


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