Disco Pants, Leggings & Tights–Oh My!

OK. I didn’t wear disco pants today. I blew my 3rd wearing for the month today because in the spirit of the World Cup, I wanted to wear something a bit more World Cuppish. Now, I could have totally worn a pair of spandex jeans instead of the Nike track pants with the jersey I donned and I would have been just as colorful. My original plan had involved that actually. But I knew the jersey was already an attention grabber and disco pants would have completely given me the spotlight which I try to avoid as much as possible.

So no wearing today but I promise myself that within the coming 9 days there will be 2 or 3 wearings. Let me just say that those navy blue Jondens really looked great when I tried them on last night. Oh and I did find another pair of shiny leggings/tights. It’s a vintage pair, made in the USA, black, 85% nylon, 15% lycra. The brand is Rainbeau bodywear. So they are old but in very good shape. I tried them on and they have that vintage shine. I can’t tell the size because I don’t see it marked on the tags but it does fit like tights/leggings should yet without being too hard to put or take off. Speaking of tights I have not yet found my black Eastbays. Must keep looking!

As I have been reading about leggings lately, I came across questions and answers about the subject on Quora. I found a question that asks if anyone only wears leggings. A young woman gave 19 reasons why she loves leggings and I’d like to go through them all and see how her answers would correlate to my love for disco pants. Let us begin with her first reason followed by my commetary:

1. They are literally the comfiest things ever made. They’re the only bottoms that you have absolutely no problem falling asleep in.

I think disco pants can be comfy but some of the tightest ones I’ve worn start to really hurt my waist. But below the waist, yes, they are superbly comfortable. I’m sure that when they first came out people thought, “How can something so tight be so comfortable?” I’ve been asked whether they are very hard to get into and out of. Some can be if they’re very small. Others are not yet they’re still a second skin. And I have gone to bed several times in disco pants. The first time was at a campgrounds. I had been wearing my black Bojeangles that evening and just decided to go to bed in them. The other times were at home with those loose fitting Chinese disco pants that I am now considering wearing out.

2. There are leggings for every types of occasion. Faux leather leggings, jean leggings, patterned leggings, fleece-lined leggings…you have to have them all!

While there may not be different disco pants for every occasion, they have always seemed to be made for every occasion. Different colors. Different fits. A color and fit for every occasion. How many times have I written about the versatility of disco pants? They really are perfect for anything from taking a walk, going for a bike ride, heading out to a grocery store, school (if allowed), church, the job (if allowed), a concert, a wedding, a party, etc. I would even say they’re fine for less pleasant events–whatever may come to your mind–because hey, after all, it’s already an unpleasant event so you might as well wear something you really like that makes the event a little more tolerable!

3. They’re the only things that feel like pajamas without looking like pajamas. No one could ever guess that you slept in them last night.

Yeah, they feel like pajamas without looking like such. OK. They definitely will not wrinkle in the areas that fit like a second skin so no one will know you wore them to sleep. Perhaps you may even have some sweet dreams if you slept in your disco pants.

4. They’re better for traveling because they’re lighter. That means more room for your shoes!

They are definitely lighter. I have to do some weight comparisons with some of the various pairs I have and some leggings and some jeans. If I were to only pack disco pants that would mean more room for my shoes which is important because I too like to travel with a good variety of shoes. It also means I would be forced to wear disco pants since I didn’t pack any other type of pants!

5. You have no problem wearing them with boots (unlike jeans). Just because jeans say they’re “boot cut” doesn’t mean they’re going to tuck nicely into your boots.

I think she might be a little confused on this one. Boot cut jeans are those that fit over boots, not inside them. Their very name implies that they are meant to fit over boots. But if you’re going to wear Ugg-type boots and you want to tuck boot cut jeans inside them it may create some extra bulk in there, not to mention a possible unpleasant look. But anyway, disco pants go great with boots. I have worn mine with Dr. Martens, Uggs, ankle boots and Chelsea boots and they all pair up greatly.  And depending on the fit of the disco pants, they can go either inside the boots or over them.

6. They don’t cut off your circulation. Did you know someone once died trying to fit into skinny jeans?

Well, disco pants can cut off your circulation. Of course, that’s just a euphemism. And I’m sure no one actually died trying to fit into skinny jeans. Reports of any such incident have been greatly exaggerated and unfortunately highly circulated around the web. But you can wear disco pants that look painted on without risking any discomfort.

7. They’re the perfect solution for when your top is too long to be a shirt, but too short to be a dress. They literally resolved the problem of the century.

This is a scenario I cannot speak on. I don’t wear shirts that long. I don’t like them. And I don’t wear dresses. But I can see that from a woman’s point of view, disco pants would also be a perfect solution to this dilemma.

8. One word: Jeggings. These are God’s greatest gift to the modern millennial woman.

In case you don’t know, jeggings are leggings that are made to look like jeans. So they might have some actual, functional pockets on the back. Or they might be mock pockets (mockets?) and may have a mock button and zipper flat on the front. They may also have a denim look to them. Some of them look so much like a pair of super skinny jeans that  folks can be fooled by them. Jeggings are one step closer to disco pants than leggings are. Regardless, I say that disco pants are God’s greatest gift to mankind period.

9. Most of our favorite celebrities regularly rock leggings. If Beyoncé wears them, then I’m going to wear them.

I guess this can apply to disco pants as well. In the past it was Sheena Easton, Leif Garrett, Shaun Cassidy, Menudo, Charlie’s Angels, Dorit Stevens, “Johnny Fever”, Crystal Gayle, Chaka Khan, KC, John Waite, Kate Bush, The Brothers Johnson, etc. With the second, modern wave of disco pants it was celebrities less known to me and mainly all women–a few exceptions here and there including The Lemon Twigs. But I can say, “If Leif Garrett and Menudo wore disco pants, I’m going to wear them.” Or “The Lemon Twigs wears disco pants and so will I.”

10. You have complete flexibility in them. You need me to climb a tree to save that cat? Lucky I have my leggings on!

I’m less hesistant to apply this to wearing disco pants. While I do feel they give you complete flexibility, I would never climb a tree in them nor do anything else that might easily damage them. I wouldn’t even sit down on concrete in them. I’m very careful when I do wear spandex jeans.

11. They show off your curves. There’s nothing wrong with flaunting what you got, if that’s what you want!

They sure do! And I agree there’s nothing wrong with flaunting what you got, if that’s what you want. That’s not what I want but to each his own.

12. They looked good with literally any type of shoe.And this means a whole new world of possible outfits.

She might be overgeneralizing here because unless you like every type of shoe that’s out there you’re not going to like how they pair up with other items. So while I believe that disco pants look good with a great number of types of shoes, there are some types of shoes that look awful with anything. You’ll never hear me say that disco pants look good with Crocs. Never! But yes, the many shoe types that spandex jeans do look good with does create a whole new world of possible outfits. I used to be hardcore Converse only with them. Now I’ve seen how great Uggs, Dr. Martens and dressier boots go with them.

13. They are usually super inexpensive. You can own dozens and dozens of pairs without breaking the bank.

The only super inexpensive disco pants out there are the Chinese made ones and possibly some pre-owned pairs found on Depop & Poshmark. So this doesn’t necessarily apply to spandex jeans. But that hasn’t stopped me from owning dozens and dozens of pairs! Even if I had to break the bank!!

14. You can easily transition them from day-to-night attire. Take off the hoodie and throw a sparkly top on with heels and you’re ready to party.

Absolutely. Word for word this applies to disco pants. I’ll just throw a masculine spin on it: take off the hoodie or tee and sneakers and throw on a blazer with some Chelsea boots and you’re ready to party.

15. They can also easily transition into gym clothes. Just trade your top for a sports bra and hit those weights!

Absolutely! Personally I would not wear my best disco pants in this situation but I would wear the Asian made ones or the pre-owned AA ones I found at thrift stores. I know some women do wear theirs for physical fitness activities.

16. You can eat whatever you want without your pants feeling too tight. This means they’re perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts!

That is true but if you are wearing some of those really tight disco pants that are cutting into your waste you will feel them cutting even more after eating. That is easily solved by wearing some that aren’t so tight in the waist. However, I wore one of my new pairs to church on a Thanksgiving once and I ate a large meal. After getting home I checked out the pants and they showed some signs of damage. Lesson learned. When I’m going to eat a big meal, wear looser disco pants or one that I adore less than others. Otherwise, yes, they are perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts.

17. High-waisted leggings can help hold everything in (comfortably). You can never tell whether I’ve had Chipotle or not.

This is one I cannot relate to with disco pants. (I suspect leggings wouldn’t help either). I have problems with disco pants revealing my upper body weight issues. Anyone who sees me wearing spandex disco jeans will be able to tell that I need to lose weight and tone up the abs.

18. Anyone who is against leggings has probably just never owned a pair. And thus we should all feel sorry for them.

I don’t see how this is a reason she loves leggings but okay whatever. I’ll agree that anyone who is against disco pants has probably never owned a pair and should be sympathized. I’ll also add that the anti-disco pant people are just too darn lacking in confidence to wear them. They too should be pitied.

19. Because no one should tell you how you should or should not dress! Fashion isn’t about pleasing anyone else but yourself!

Again, not exactly a reason why she loves them, but I totally agree with the sentiment. No one should tell you how to dress but of course they will. Because while we believe we have the freedom to dress as we wish, the naysayers believe they have the freedom to tell us that we shouldn’t. And that’s how it is. The key is, as she says, to please yourself. Make yourself happy. I still think that most people, even though they may despise what you’re wearing, will actually respect you for having the gumption to do so.

This has been a long post. It’s going to be a little longer.

Other people resonded to this question as well. While the above young woman was affirmative in her passion for a leggings-only lifestyle, others did not see this garment as so exclusive. Here is a clip of another young woman’s response:

Leggings are awesome for going to the beach, hanging out at the park, going to the library, grabbing groceries, and open mic nights… But not work, church, grandma’s house, etc.

I don’t understand why leggings aren’t awesome for grandma’s house. Surely grandma doesn’t wear them, but is she against them? I was pretty close with my grandma. I would wear leggings or disco pants to her house. Maybe this one has a really conservative grandparent?

Work. Let’s not even mention the job, okay? The workplace is one of the most freedom-stripping places that exist in the world. You virtually barter your free will for a paycheck every two weeks or so. Naturally you’re not going to be allowed to dress how you want. Why even bring it up? I never wore disco pants at my previous full-time position, but I did a few times wear some very tight-fitting, semi-shiny, black nylon jeans. At the time, my supervisor who was a metalhead actually came up to me and asked if I was wearing spandex! I also wore on occasion some very tight, light blue Levi’s from my high school days. Yes, high school days. We’re talking jeans I had worn 6 years before and were already tight then. Never had any issues with either pants. Our dress code stated that we couldn’t wear tight jeans. On one occasion we had a meeting to go over the dress code. I don’t know if that was because of my light blue Levi’s or something else. It didn’t deter me from wearing them even though I only wore them a total of 3 or 4 times, with 2 times being on Saturdays when most people weren’t there. I suspect I could have gotten away with wearing spandex disco pants at my workplace without controversy. But it would have been embarrassing if I had and was called into a closed meeting about them! That tight jeans rule was quite stupid considering my duties and the personnel I interacted with.

Finally, leggings at church. At my church they’re commonplace. If not leggings then skintight, super skinny jeans. Or meggings. And then of course there was me with disco pants. So no problems there. But there are some churches that would frown up such tight legwear, I imagine. I could never be part of any church that chooses to impose limitations on my dress, all the while demanding that I give of my time, talents & treasure. It’s bad enough the job imposes on me 5 or 6 days a week. The church doesn’t need to do the same on the 7th day.

And who knows what else she had in mind with that “etc.” I absolutely do not see any scenario where wearing leggings or disco pants would be inappropriate, exception being a situation where you’re supposed to wear something specific that is not leggings or disco pants.

This has been a super long post. If you’re still here, good for you! Hopefully my next post will discuss the new teal, vintage spandex jeans I am awaiting.


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4 Responses to Disco Pants, Leggings & Tights–Oh My!

  1. Russ says:

    Sounds like a post from Mercer. I can’t remember her last name, but I posted a couple of times on her blog regarding this subject and others. She was and is totally supportive of anyone wearing leggings or spandex pants of any kind, including disco pants. I admit I haven’t had much reason or time to wear disco pants out i public. But other spandex, such as leggings, bike shorts, padded cycling shorts, padded capri cut pants, etc. I have been wearing outdoors since 1990. No problem. Been there, done that. I just have to get my disco pants out and about now. She also wasn’t hung up about body size, shape, or anyone’s age either. A true spandex wearer’s friend and supporter. I plan on wearing mine for many years to come, no matter what age I am.

    • Russ says:

      And that includes when my hair is gray too. I’ve been naturally gray since my 30’s. It just runs in the family.

      • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

        I may change my mind about that. It’s just that I feel I’m so far away from gray at this point that I can’t even look that much ahead. But anyway there’s always hair dye. I can always go with that! Thanks, Russ.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      You’re right! I may have subconsciously lifted that title from her blog. But yes she was very cool. That’s the kind of girl I need in my life, lol. Of course, she seemed more into leggings than anything else. I wonder whether she ever wore disco pants. Hope so!
      I have many more years as well–God willing–so I sure plan to wear them, too!

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