Farrah Fawcett’s Disco Pants In “Small Sacrifices”

I recently learned of a movie from 1989 called “Small Sacrifices” which stars Farrah Fawcett. The significance of this film? Spandex disco jeans, of course!

Farrah plays a character that kills one of her children and shoots the others. At the end of movie she gets convicted and it is in the final scenes that she is seen in gold disco pants. Add this one under the column of “unsavory characters who wore disco pants.”

Here are a few stills from the film:

Small Sacrifices 1989-001Small Sacrifices 1989-004Small Sacrifices 1989-005Small Sacrifices 1989-006Small Sacrifices 1989-007

There she is being led from the courthouse to a van that will transport her to prison. The interesting thing is that she was allowed to dress like this for her sentencing in court. I know it’s just a movie and anything can happen in the fantasyland of Hollywood. I have always heard that you must wear formal clothing in the courts. Perhaps it doesn’t apply to sentencing or again perhaps it’s just Hollywood’s whims.

Small Sacrifices 1989-010

There she is being transported in the van. She is wearing some crazy, tall boots here. They go up to her knees.

Small Sacrifices 1989-011Small Sacrifices 1989-012

Finally, there she is at the prison complex being led to wherever they lead you to in a prison complex. I imagine she probably was not allowed to wear her precious shiny spandex jeans in her cell. Well, you know what I say–if you’re being hauled off to prison you might as well go in disco pants! God knows you won’t be wearing any for a long, long time. And for me, a week is a long time to go without them!

I haven’t watched this film. It looks interesting enough. It is on YouTube in its entirety so you can view it there. As I mentioned initially, it is from 1989 but based on events that took place in 1983-84. So while at first I thought it was a rather late date to see someone in spandex jeans, once I checked out Wikipedia the storyline of ’83-’84 made a lot more sense. But I doubt that the real life person Farrah portrayed actually dressed liked this for her sentencing and one-way trip to the big house. Trust me, I looked for photos. I know it’s just Hollywood’s sensationalizing and, in this case, another shot at ‘evil-izing’ our beloved disco pants.

I’m not sure if Farrah ever wore disco pants on Charlie’s Angels. She was gone as a regular come season two. That classic, ubiquitous photo of them in disco pants is not from the first season as she is not one of the three. Since the first season ran from ’76-’77 and disco pants came about sometime during or after the summer of ’78 (Grease), then I have pretty much cleared up any doubt. However, she did make several more appearances through 1980 so she may have worn spandex jeans in any of those episdoes. It’s actually not a bad show to get on dvd if you don’t already.


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